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IT support San AntonioComplacency has always proved to be disastrous especially when it comes to IT management. Businesses that need IT support in San Antonio need to set up a broad plan in order their preparedness for disaster recovery. The complexity of disaster management requires time which can be very expensive for any business. By setting up a disaster recovery plan, your organization will alleviate the fears associated with online disaster management.

Most organizations have shifted disaster recovery from their in-house departments and relegated the responsibility to third party providers since they understand the complex changes that are required to mitigate the cost associated with cloud based disaster management.

Some of the benefits that your organization will attain by establishing a cloud-based disaster recovery plan include:

Quick Recovery

Since cloud computing is based on virtualization, the server is hardware independent meaning that your operating system, applications, patches, and data will be accurately and safely transferred from one data center to another without resetting each component on the server. This will make your business minimize the recovery time as opposed to the conventional disaster recovery approaches where your organization has to load OS and applications before you can restore your data.


Having a cloud-based recovery not only helps you store what you need but also keeps your TCO low since your business will be using the pay-as-you-go model. This means that you will not have to worry about the expenses of storing tons of backup tapes and disks that take a lot of your time to restore in case of an emergency. An organization that embraces IT support in San Antonio will enjoy the benefit of virtual desktops which can be used for disaster recovery and business continuity in case the production site is totally destroyed.


It will be easy to scale up or down your storage options depending on your business requirements when using the cloud option as compared to traditional backup. Your business will not need to worry about meeting or exceeding the requirements of committing a specific amount of storage for a certain period.


In case the production center is completely or partially destroyed, your organization will be able to restart and recover data within the stipulated recovery parameters when cloud disaster recovery is utilized. It is important to note that some disasters have a wide geographical impact and having an offsite production center will eliminate the risk and enhance efficiency.


Having a cloud-based disaster recovery ensures that your organization’s sensitive data is kept offsite in case of a disaster.


Monitoring and maintaining a disaster recovery solution requires new training and skills which can be time-consuming. Your business benefits when you get a cloud interface from specialists in disaster recovery.

Organizations that are considering the cloud for disaster recovery require invaluable expertise and fully-augmented cloud options. At ICS, we offer cloud services and IT support for San Antonio businesses. Contact us today to learn more.