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People sitting in a waiting room at your office are often going to be bored. They will pick up a magazine and flip through it for a second. If you have a television set, they will be watching what is on this TV. If you put on a show they don’t like, the honestly will still stare at it because they have nothing else going on at the time. Why not take advantage of this?

You can post ads on the TV for them to read. Tell your customers about your newest products. Explain to them what it and even show pictures. You can put an ad that shows how the product works. You can also show services that you offer. You can explain how it is done and show an example on your TV set. The customers sitting in your waiting room are going to pay attention to this right in front of them. It is very possible that they will become interested in this product. You have the chance for them to ask you when they come back to the office. If you can list prices on the ads also, it is very possible they will want to buy one of these products that day from you. This can increase sales and awareness of what you offer. Even if they aren’t interested for themselves, your customer might read it and talk about it to someone else. They can pass on information to friends or family members. This is a good way to get word of mouth out there for your services. This is all beneficial for your company. There is no reason to not take advantage of the television sets you already have in your office. Use these to your advantage to help further your company. Your business will grow from it.