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At ICS, we believe in building a great relationship with every client. To help any business to feel confident in their technological present and future, we are proud to offer our Total Care option. At the rate of a fixed, monthly fee, clients can enjoy fully comprehensive technological solutions. This package includes any required installation, training, and service needs.

In addition, the Total Care package features obsolescence protection to replace outdated technology. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate, even the most updated items can quickly become obsolete, requiring a big investment to update. If technology being used by your business should become obsolete due to upgrades or simply the growth of available options, we can easily enter into a new contract that includes new equipment. In addition to our highest level of service, this allows your company to operate using modern technology, without the risk of a massive payout if your hardware should become outdated.

We want to offer a solution that perfectly fits the unique needs of your business and industry. Our experienced professionals are ready to discuss exactly how ICS can provide Total Care for you. Contact us today to discuss the specific benefits that we can provide for your business today and in the future.