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managed services San AntonioManaged services in San Antonio can be essential in helping you prevent data loss and other operational compromising incidents. The following are three common areas where data loss happens, as well as means by which you can avoid being compromised:

Internal Employee Mistakes

Did you know that internal employee error accounts for the greatest operational risk to your business? This is the way of things for several reasons. On one hand, technology always progresses, and hackers analyze user activity in order to pinpoint areas of vulnerability. Social engineering hacks and the like are then brought to the table as a means of convincing those who aren’t “in the know” into doing something which compromises the business they work for. Education helps, but digital quarantine measures— as well as proactive monitoring and support— are ideal. MSPs can provide both measures of security.

Incidental Corruption of Information

Managed services in San Antonio can’t prevent natural entropy vis-a-vis incidental data corruption, but it can design fail-safe solutions to account for it. Basically, data can be damaged when power surges happen, when applications that require too much computational power compromise hardware, depriving software at crucial moments, and in many other operational areas. Incidentally, data will be corrupted. Transcending this requires multiple backup copies of information updated regularly, archived, and managed accordingly.

Failure of Hardware and Other Catastrophes

Sometimes, a component breaks through no fault of users or manufacturers. Sometimes wind, rain, snow, or earthquake undermines operational ability. Fail-over solutions incorporating things like database mirroring and business continuity protocols are integral here. Internal solutions can affect them, but going the external route means more professionalism and technical availability for less expense. Additionally, service agreements predicate a certain level of service delivery unavailable internally.

Managed services in San Antonio through ICS can help you to avoid catastrophic data loss, data corruption, or employee error. Contact us for more information on fortifying these common vulnerabilities.