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Even the great state of Texas is not immune to natural disasters; if anything they’re, like everything else in Texas, bigger. Tornadoes, hurricanes along the coast, or even the occasional violent thunderstorm can wipe out a company’s entire IT system. Add to that the potential technical disasters, corrupt hard drives, failed servers, viruses and it’s easy to see how IT systems, even for small businesses, are vulnerable to data loss.

Large or small, your data is a significant part of your business. Losing your data could be as catastrophic as losing your buildings, equipment and vehicles. All those other things are insured against loss, in most businesses the data is not. Computers can be repaired or replaced, data cannot.

This is why it is not only important to have a good backup system, it’s important to have a good managed IT service. There are many options readily available, from inexpensive tape backup systems to exotic tape libraries. There are also online backup services available to anyone with a high-speed internet connection.

Whether you decide to back up your businesses’ data yourself or subscribe to a managed IT service, you absolutely should have a backup plan, right now. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be fancy, just figure out how valuable your data is to your company and determine how fast you need it restored in case of total or partial loss.

The simplest form of backup is to just make extra copies on your existing systems, that’s better than no plan at all, but not by much. The best data backup systems store the copies of your data off-site so that even if your building is under water, you still have copies of your account information, vendor and customer data, tax records and your personnel files in a safe, dry place.

Talk to some experts, talk to your own people about how long you can stay in business if your company’s data simply vanished and how much it would be worth to get it back.

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