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managed services San AntonioModern-day businesses are increasingly facing threats from hackers who are out to steal critical business data and paralyze operations of businesses. Last year, some small to medium-sized businesses faced real threats in the cyberspace. Hackers launched ransomware attacks indiscriminately targeting businesses of all sizes. You can protect your business by hiring a managed services provider in San Antonio offering cybersecurity solutions that will help protect your business.

Here are some security solutions you should look for:

Cloud Sandboxing

Cloud sandboxing is important in that it will help you to quarantine suspicious files and detonate or open them in a safe environment where they cannot infect your files. If you feel or suspect that a file is infected send it to the sandbox and open it inside the sandbox to check if it is clean or not.

Network Discovery

Your managed services provider in San Antonio can use advanced tools to have a complete view of your corporate network and discover the nodes on your network that might be susceptible to attacks. This will help because your MSP will be in a position to seal these loopholes long before they get infiltrated by hackers.

Data Loss Prevention

Not all data is equal. Some data are more important to your business than others. With this in mind, it is important to partition your IT storage system and have critical data protected by layers of enhanced security. Your MSP can help prevent data loss and define protocols and rules that must be adhered to when access sensitive data.

Real-Time Threat Correlation

Real-time threat correlation is important because you will be able to determine which threats are more severe and need immediate action and which are mild or insignificant. Once the correlation has been done, your MSP can then move on and institute the right measures to protect your IT system.

Detection and Response

This solution is important because it makes it possible for you to detect threats in endpoint devices and come up with solutions to these threats. Your MSP can isolate the threats and deal with them long before it spreads and infects your whole network.

Why Hire Us

At ICS, we believe that the security of your business is your topmost priority and that is why we have a team of dedicated IT technicians ready to help you with all your cybersecurity needs. If looking for a proficient managed services provider in San Antonio, look no further— contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.