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Want To Save Money On Your IT & Communication Services?

With The Right Service Provider, You Can. Ever wonder if your company is paying current market rates for internet or telecommunication services? When managing your business day to day, relocating, or starting a new business, there are so many things to do- including setting up your new internet or telecom services. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a technology expert who knew every provider in your area and could help you determine the best connectivity solution based on your needs?

The right IT partner can. ICS, the leading managed IT services provider in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, has a close partnership with Intelisys’s master agent program. Therefore, we have access to all the top providers and geographical information to determine what type of service is available and where.

The right IT partner can provide a complete technology and communications service by securing hardware, cloud, and carrier services through partnerships with leading distributors.

Look For An IT Provider Who Can Bundle Your Technology & Communications Services

ICS can provide you with quotes from the best internet & telecom companies like AT&T, CenturyLink, Spectrum, and others to find the best deal for you while combining your services under one bill. You can save a lot of money, time, and trouble by engaging ICS in this process.

More business owners and managers today are demanding bundled services, and it’s no wonder. Bundling services offers not only the convenience of a single bill for IT and telecom services, but it also offers cost savings. Businesses are quickly adopting this model.

Here’s an example of what we’re talking about:

A busy, nonprofit company with multiple locations that focuses on helping the community, struggled with an antiquated 20-year old telephone system with severely limited capabilities. This nonprofit also faced a challenge common to multiple locations: multiple carriers which left the management of connectivity to local managers who did not have the time or energy to focus on IT solutions. The customer reached out to ICS for help and to obtain a pricing evaluation and recommendation on replacing their aging phone system.

After evaluating what the company was being billed for today, ICS was able to obtain quotes from multiple providers in all their metro and rural offices. Taking a holistic approach allowed the nonprofit to increase data connectivity speeds via fiber and provide a new phone system that allows employees to communicate as if they are in the office next door. The solution also allowed for mobile workers to be connected to all their offices as they serve in the community.

The solution resulted in a cost savings of over $42, 000 a year and the client had zero upfront costs. In addition, the customer increased employee productivity by realizing an internet speed increase of almost 200% across all locations plus the seamless connectivity to all employees on a single system.

Businesses now prefer to deal with one supplier across all services. Bundling information, communications and IT service is a particularly good tool in dynamic markets like technology, media, and telecommunications. Your IT provider can use bundling to create a custom solution to fit your business needs.

Do I Have to Pick a Single Provider to Bundle Communication Services?

No, companies with multiple locations can bundle and save as well.

One of the biggest challenges companies with multiple locations face is the demands of providing seamless internet and telecommunication solutions when available services differ from location to location. The challenge is magnified by having to select multiple carriers across different regions which creates multiple billing entities, service departments, and inconsistencies. This doesn’t have to be the case.

The right IT provider has access to consolidate billing across multiple carriers. In today’s world, many companies do not realize an IT provider can streamline the process into a single web page for account information, billing, and support. This visibility allows companies more flexibility. They can see if they are paying current market rates, types of connectivity, and contract status all at the click of a button.

IT Services Provider For Business Continuity

ICS provides companies in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin with all of the above managed IT services offering you a single point of contact when dealing with disasters. It does not matter if your phones, network, or carrier services go down, we provide a single point of contact. Our experts can get everything back up and running for you. You won’t have to contact the phone, internet, or cable companies; ICS experts will do this for you.

At ICS we place an emphasis on business continuity plans so our clients are not left guessing at a time of need. An example would be ICICS can even provide multiple carrier internet solutions including fiber, coax, and LTE devices. This flexibility allows your company to plan for the disasters you are trying to avoid.

Bundle Technology & Communications When Relocating Your Office

There’s enough to do when moving your office. IT providers like ICS can free up your time by providing agnostic solutions specific to your area. With your IT provider handling all of your information and communication technologies, they can find and establish the services you need and that provide the most value. With an expert on hand who can safely and efficiently relocate your hardware, install cabling, and get all of your telecom, internet, and IT services running, you can save time and money.

Make Sure Your IT Provider Has This Capability

Having access to world-leading suppliers across the internet, telecom, and hardware spectrum will allow your IT service company to provide the savings you deserve. Look for an IT Provider who provides agnostic services and who can bundle products and services that offer you a clear, “better-together” value proposition – one who can bundle any number of internet and telecommunications carriers and services onto a single bill.

Contact ICS

We have the capabilities detailed above. Through our partnership with Intelisys, we will design a complete cloud, internet, communications solution that meets all your needs, and for the lowest price possible. We will request multiple quotes from top tier carriers and provide you with the three best available solutions. Next, we sit down with you and have an open discussion on the pros and cons of each.

You’ll get the value you’re looking for at a lower price than what you’d pay without bundled services. You’ll get the internet and telecommunications services that you want rather than having to deal with a handful of suppliers. And, you’ll get higher value from the products and services you choose.

For a complete managed IT service that provides the value, consistency, and security that your business needs, contact ICS for a complimentary IT & Communications Assessment. We serve Houston, San Antonio, and Austin with best-in-class IT and telecommunications services.