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IT companies in HoustonComputer and internet usage is an important part of most businesses today. However, with so many employees with access to the company network, it can be difficult to keep track of what is being done. There are many kinds of online behavior and activities that can put a business at risk and also put a damper on employee productivity. IT companies in Houston help businesses improve their cybersecurity measures and regulate user-behavior better. With web monitoring software, businesses can regain control of how their networks are being used.

Proactive Monitoring Detect Security Risks

There are many ways to prevent a data breach. Many times, it comes down to limiting who has access to data and educating users about proper procedures. There are countless stories of how hackers have gained access to a company’s sensitive data because an employee downloaded a suspicious attachment containing some form of malware. It is also not unheard of for people to send out company files over email for malicious reasons or through a social engineering scam.

With network monitoring software, you can keep track of suspicious activity that could lead to a data breach. You can see who is sending business files out and monitor what kind of files and attachments are being downloaded and opened. IT companies in Houston can work with your business to find a custom solution that covers all the bases. Employee cybersecurity training, proactive monitoring, and strong and updated firewalls and antivirus programs are all important security efforts that go hand in hand.

Proactive Monitoring Enforces Correct and Compliant Usage

Besides the risks of a security breach, there are other kinds of online activity that may be inappropriate. These could either fail to adhere to industry and regulatory compliance requirements or be against company policies. Examples of the latter include excessive accessing of entertainment and social media sites which can interfere with productivity. With access to the kinds of websites being visited, it can be much simpler to clamp down on unprofessional internet usage at work.

If you are interested in having more oversight and control of how your business network is being used, IT companies in Houston can assist. Keeping track of what users do can help you limit inappropriate behavior and can also facilitate investigations should there be a breach or violation. Get in touch with ICS to learn more about the benefits of web monitoring software.