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IT companies HoustonIT companies in Houston can help your business apply Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies which reduce operational expense and expand profitability. Several advantages of BYOD include:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Employee Productivity Expansion
  • Expedited Scalability

Cost Reduction

IT companies in Houston can provide cloud computing which outsources your entire network, allowing access wherever there happens to be a reliable web connection. MDM (Mobile Device Management) is key to enjoying secure mobile access. With such a protocol conjoining BYOD, your employees can work from almost anywhere they’d like. They can do this on their own device, or you can acquire DaaS (Device as a Service), allowing you to “rent out” end-user devices. All data is stored on the cloud-based network, making laptops, smartphones, tablets and the like totally expendable. You can cut out internal server arrays and end-user devices from your annual budget; that will save you tens of thousands annually.

Employee Productivity Expansion

Employees can be more productive when they save anywhere from a half hour to two hours a day in terms of commute. Additionally, they can work when they want, allowing them to get at assignments when they’re at their best. Also, the ability to work remotely like that is an exceptional advantage; many employees are especially conscientious to maintain it. In short, there are many reasons BYOD increases employee productivity.

Expedited Scalability

It’s a lot easier to scale out when you’re using a cloud-based system consolidating operations.

Comprehensive Advantages

Partnering with the best IT companies in Houston can help you reduce costs and complications in operations while increasing productivity. You don’t have to make the switch all at once, either. You can transition as it fits operations. Contact us at ICS to get an idea of all that’s involved in BYOD and your best option.