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IT companies in HoustonIT companies in Houston can help you navigate the cloud-computing upgrade and it’s something you really need to start considering in the near future. As a matter of fact, now might be the best time to make the upgrade if you haven’t. Cloud computing is growing to dominate the market to such a degree that there are now “monochrome” acronyms. For example, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), a cloud-based support option. Yet, Device as a Service can be switched to a monthly service has also the same designation. Now, device-based solutions have yet to become fully mainstream, and this is yet another reason you need to keep a close watch on cloud solutions. So, following are some considerations you need to take into account as you consider making the cloud switch:

  • Phase-by-phase transition
  • Security considerations
  • Public, private, And hybrid Options
  • Trans-office

Phase-By-Phase Transition

IT companies in Houston can help you make the cloud-switch in the most cost-effective way possible. Some businesses are compact enough that a full transition may take a weekend and be done during “off” hours. Some larger businesses may need to gradually transition over the course of an entire year. The best way to go about this transition is to contact an MSP that you feel your business can trust. Once you’ve done that, have them analyze your business and give you their appraisal of what it would take to do the cloud switch. You might start at the infrastructural fringes and work your way in or you might optimize core operations and work outwards. Different businesses will have different needs, but if you go about the switch in a way which consultative professionalism has specified, you’ll likely cut transition costs, increasing your competitiveness and savings.

Security Considerations

Security solutions through an MSP are generally going to be more comprehensive. Perhaps if your business is large enough to essentially create its own fully-functional internal tech solution, this won’t be the case. Even governmental institutions that are famous for such solutions regularly find themselves compromised in terms of security. An outsourced tech fix in terms of security will be informed by greater professionalism and standardization. This saves time in its implementation while simultaneously offering greater support. Furthermore, you’re more likely to be privy to cutting-edge solutions through an MSP.

Public, Private, And Hybrid Options

You can attain security via the public cloud and private cloud. You might combine the two if you’ve got core operations which require proprietary security. Consulting with an MSP can help you determine which solution or combination of solutions is most appropriate to your business.


The cloud makes it possible for some businesses to reduce office rental/ownership costs through BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) on a Desktop as a Service platform. However, hosted devices can be appropriate here as well. Through such solutions, you can transcend traditional office needs and save tens of thousands monthly.

Finding Your Ideal Cloud Solution

ICS is one of the best IT companies in Houston that can cost-effectively optimize your business in a most appropriate way via the cloud. Contact us now to increase your competitive advantage.