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IT companies HoustonA disaster is unpredictable and can cause massive damage to a business. Many companies either have no disaster recovery plan or they only use data backup services. Either way, it’s essential to create a disaster recovery plan as downtime can cause a small business to lose up to $8,000 per hour and a large company can lose up to $700,000 per hour. Even worse, recent statistics indicate that 40 percent of businesses never reopen after experiencing a disaster. Instead of risking the entire operation of a company. This is the reason IT companies in Houston help businesses create a disaster recovery plan can. Here are some additional ways that a managed service provider (MSP) can help you create a disaster recovery plan:

Business Impact Analysis

The first step in any disaster recovery program is the creation of a business impact analysis (BIA). A BIA can assist you in identifying particular areas of risk and will assign certain roles to employees within the company, depending on the type of disaster. Ultimately, it’s designed to be a guide for any emergency and is updated on a regular basis. On the other hand, failure to create a BIA can result in severe consequences as it can leave your employees unprepared for an emergency situation.

Frequent Testing

IT companies in Houston provide disaster recovery plan that undergoes routine testing. If any weakness is identified, the program will be modified and continue to go through rigorous amounts of testing. These tests can help you estimate the amount of downtime for each disaster and provide critical feedback that can help you develop a plan that allows your business to recover from any scenario quickly.

Cloud Backups

The use of cloud technology is immensely popular and is an excellent way to backup critical files on a daily basis. These data backups can be automatically created each day and will ensure that you will have access to this data from any location. For example, if your office building is destroyed by a fire, you can still access these work files from another location, which can be a lifesaver for a company that just experienced a devastating disaster.

IT companies in Houston create a detailed disaster recovery plan and program that meets the specific needs of businesses. Of course, these plans should be reviewed on a frequent basis, and an IT provider will provide regular testing to ensure that everything is working correctly. ICS is an IT support provider that specializes in disaster recovery and helping businesses bounce back from any adversity. Our primary goal is to minimize any amount of downtime and ensure that your business is operating as soon as possible without losing any critical files. Contact us now and experience the many benefits we can provide to your company.