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IT companies HoustonIT companies in Houston can do little to help your business secure itself if you don’t have motivation. Motivation is one reason cybercriminals currently dominate the IT world. Consider WannaCry, a North Korean attack which affected businesses in 150+ countries. North Korea has incentive to succeed, and through WannaCry, they certainly managed to net themselves some assets via bitcoin ransom. Consider also that cybercrime is expected to top $6 trillion by 2021.

Those who steal through hacking means are motivated by profit. To them, stealing from you represents their core industry–and they’re making bank. If you’re going to successfully safeguard yourself, you must rival their enthusiasm in terms of protection. Following are three “choke points” you can focus on to help you reduce vulnerability. These include:

  • An offensive defensive strategy
  • Doing vs. planning
  • Those who plan and those who implement

An Offensive Defensive Strategy

IT companies in Houston can help you go on the offense with your defense. As they say: the best defense is a good offense. What does that look like in terms of technology? Well, proactive monitoring support solutions continuously keep an eye on your network to ensure no underhanded, anomalous activity is going on. The latest patches are always applied–patching is all that was necessary to prevent WannaCry. If you’ve got patches applied as automatically as you can apply them, this will help save you a lot of trouble. Additionally, you want the latest firewall protections, the latest antivirus and anti-malware protocols, and the latest BDR solutions utilizing the cloud. These things are all “offensively” defensive.

Doing vs. Planning

Now it’s easy to plan for all of these things, but putting your plans into action is another thing entirely. It’s not enough to design the best plan in the world, it must be realistically and affordably implemented. Working with the right MSP can help you determine what is viable, what isn’t, implementation strategy, and how to maintain your defensive planning via successful implementation going forward.

Those Who Plan and Those Who Implement

Now there’s often a disparity between security planners who are looking at the organization as a whole and implementation personnel who are tasked with putting things together in a tangible sense. The right MSP can help you justify these two parties together. Sometimes, those who plan for security implementation across the entire organization aren’t aware of the time fallout which occurs from certain measures, like continuously reset passwords.

There is such a thing as going “too far”. A balance is necessary. Those who implement security should be classified as the entire organization— from custodians to temps, to managers, to CEOs, and everyone in between. Accordingly, this requires education. The right MSP can help train your organization pertaining to the best practices regarding security. When everyone is on the same page, then security plans from on high will have a greater likelihood of successful implementation.

Secure Operations

ICS is one of the best IT companies in Houston that can help your security solution go on the offensive, which will give you better defense than that which is sourced without informed planning. Contact us now for the latest defensive solutions in terms of IT and help your business remain operable despite driven cybercriminal aggressors.