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BI: Business Intelligence

IT companies HoustonIT companies in Houston can help you avoid useless tools while implementing those that are most effective. To help you get an idea of what BI tools are, several will be explored here. Which work best for you will differ; some businesses need one kind of tool over another. The right MSP can help you determine which are best suited for your operations. With that in mind, BI tools worth considering include:

  • OLAP
  • Data Mining
  • Data Cleansing
  • Business Activity Monitoring


IT companies in Houston can help you to employ OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) solutions. OLAP actually incorporates facets of other entries on the bullet list above. OLAP solutions make rapid data access possible and that data can then be analyzed for reasons of optimization and security. Time and resources are conserved through constant acquisition and reporting of OLAP findings.

Data Mining

Data Mining is basically a subset of OLAP but need not necessarily have anything to do with the web. Basically, patterns are unearthed and massive sets of data can be perused for useful information. This takes time without the right software. With the right software, it can be done in a very quick, efficient way. With such data, optimal efficiency can be achieved. A real game-changer in terms of data mining is cloud computing. Cloud computing makes it possible for “big data” applications to be effected which essentially observe massive trends and draw that which can be optimized from them.

Data Cleansing

With data cleansing, that which is stored can be examined for corruption and rectified where necessary. Data that is found corrupted can be removed without other files being maligned in the process. Erroneous data can be very taxing for your system, and it can be expensive to maintain. It’s as though your server were an apartment building, and the damaged data some opiate abuser inviting transients to squat. That unit must be evicted, or it could affect the whole building! It’s the same with your servers.

Business Activity Monitoring

This is what it sounds like: the activity of your business in a digital sense–from all levels where tech is involved can be monitored. When this BI tool is used correctly, it provides insights into operations which reduce operational complication over time, producing profit and expanding competitiveness.

Optimizing Your Operations

ICS is one of the leading IT companies in Houston that can help you optimize operations in a cost-effective way that can be continually renewed via BI tools. Contact us now to see which BI tools will best serve your business and in which ways you can best implement these solutions.