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IT companies HoustonIn this informational age, almost every business relies on the IT system for their operations. Your concern should be to ensure that the health and well-being of your IT infrastructure are taken care of. There are three main ways by which you can achieve this. You could have an in-house IT department, employ break-fix services, or partner with a managed service provider (MSP) from one of the IT companies in Houston.

If you have been working with a break-fix computer guy, chances are that you have realized the escalating cost of these fixes. Most companies prefer having a break-fix support because they do not need to pay a recurring monthly retainer for the services. However, this kind of support is not the best fit for your small and growing business. You might go for several months without needing any IT fixes, yet if your IT is hacked, attacked or crashes, the amount of fixing will cost much more than you saved over the past months.

Break-fix services are aimed at solving an IT issue that has already occurred. These IT people know too well that they stand to make money only when you have a problem that needs fixing. Instead of being reactionary to your IT problems, why not hire an MSP from one of the IT companies in Houston to prevent these issues from developing in the first place?

Why Shift From A Break-Fix Support To An MSP

A break-fix support will only come to your premises to handle the IT problem when it happens. This kind of support offers a quick-fix solution with the hope that the problem might recur to fix it again and get paid. That sounds cunning, but how else do you think they make money? An MSP is different, here are some differences between the two IT service providers:

  • The depth of services offered – Break-fix computer guys only provide repair services. MSPs offer a comprehensive package that covers repairs, maintenance, prevention and protection services. Hiring an MSP will ensure that preventable IT problems are managed long before they can affect your IT systems.
  • Budget – Partnering with an MSP will ensure that you spend a fixed and predetermined amount of money for your IT needs. Conversely, break-fix technicians will charge you based on the nature and severity of the IT problem that needs their expertise.
  • Support – Your MSP will offer you support on a 24/7/365 basis. This means that they will attend to all of your IT needs at any time of the day. On the other hand, break-fix technicians will only attend to you if they are free.


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