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IT companies HoustonIT companies in Houston can help you choose the right service mode for your business. It is essential that you get the best possible deal for your organization. However, managed service contracts are highly detailed and can be overwhelming to the untrained eye. Fortunately, there are a few things you can watch for to help determine the value of a managed service provider (MSP) contract. For example, it is important to identify services to help your business and allow you to operate at an efficient level. On the other hand, it is never a good idea to focus only on cost, as choosing a cheaper package may eliminate essential services that would benefit your company in the long-term. Today we’re highlighting four key areas to consider while you negotiate a deal with an MSP.

Typically, an IT company offers three service models, which includes:

The Break-Fix Model

The break-fix model is a reactive service, meaning the IT provider will fix problems as you report them. One of the main drawbacks to this service is that it isn’t proactive and can result in unpredictable downtime.

Managed Services Model

On the other hand, the managed services model is much more comprehensive and is the most popular service provided by IT companies in Houston. Instead of waiting for a problem to occur, the managed services model is always looking for ways to improve your business and will fix issues before they develop into serious problems. They are always available to provide IT support and guarantee your business has access to the latest updates.

Services Supplied By IT Software Vendors

The final service offered is known as the services supplied by IT software vendors. In this case, you receive support for specific software you purchase. Unfortunately, these services are very limited and only apply to the particular software purchased. If you want to receive protection across the entire network, you either need to purchase the break-fix or managed services model.

Critical Services

Before you sign a contract with an IT provider, it is important to understand which services are available for your company. For example, receiving anti-virus protection, system optimization, and firewall monitoring are essential in today’s workplace. It is also crucial to receive security updates and have access to disaster recovery services. If you notice anything critical missing from the contract, discuss your specific needs for that service and ask for a contract modification that meets your company’s needs.

Understanding the various services offered by IT companies in Houston is an essential step if you are interested in partnering with an MSP. An IT provider can discuss the various service models and identify one is the best fit for your business. ICS is an IT support company that specializes in helping businesses grow through the use of technology. If you are interested in learning more, contact us now and let us discuss the benefits of having an IT provider.