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IT companies in HoustonThe Office 365 Suite is a critical enterprise application, and IT companies in Houston are on the lead in helping businesses employ it. First, it is the go-to solution for businesses looking for a new intranet solution and offers a centralized hosting platform for all office applications. However, it isn’t a mere productivity tool, but a comprehensive functionality solution. In reality, it solves the problems of working with various applications in silos, which is inefficient and costly. Besides, it is an effective tool for streamlining business processes such as the processing and storage of data. It helps drive your operations to optimal efficiency and achieve the best returns possible.

Below are more benefits of migrating to Office 365:

Online Collaboration

Migrating to the Office 365 Suite gives; you access to all of MS Office applications from Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote to Publisher, and allows you to configure other applications such as SharePoint. Thus, your team can collaborate on work projects online irrespective of their geographical location, and execute their duties such as report updates, review of ongoing projects, update, edit and comment on shared documents.

Enhanced Data Security

IT companies in Houston assist in the configuration of Office 365 with on-premises applications for improved efficiency. Doing so allows you to leverage the cloud computing technology, secure data storage and transmission, foolproof disaster recovery, cyber threats intelligence, and 24/7 availability, for example. As a result, you’ll be free from data loss and security risks that could paralyze your operations.


The flexibility of Office 365 and compatibility with enterprise software and cloud solutions reduces costs of hardware infrastructure and overall maintenance costs. It also offers a fast path to enterprise services from cloud vendors, which are accessible via secure connections from any workstation within your organization. Therefore, without the need to invest in on-site servers and peripheral components, you’ll require few in-house IT staff, which reduces your labor costs, significantly.


If you haven’t adopted the Office 365 migration yet, all the benefits mentioned here await you. The technology can help your business accomplish your objectives by tapping into the tools in the suite and its cloud functionality.

At ICS, we acknowledge the need for maximum productivity with the use of the latest tools available. We help business to tap into new technologies to boost their workflows. Our services rank top among IT companies in Houston and you can trust us with your Office 365 migration. Contact us now to learn how we can help you.