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IT companies in HoustonIT companies in Houston have taken an interesting turn in recent years due to the effective, convenient proliferation of cloud services. With the cloud, it’s possible to “outsource” hardware such that it can be entirely replaced by a server array. This is the cloud. Basically, you’re renting “space” on a server array which combines the powers of multiple computers for greater storage, security, and processing power. Well, as this has become successful, other areas of outsourcing costs have additionally increased their feasibility. Device as a Service (DaaS) and Hardware as a Service (HaaS) follow this strategy:

Depreciation Consideration

DaaS and HaaS essentially do the same thing: businesses are able to “rent” machines rather than outright buy them. This ends up saving them a lot of money simply because of how the technology works. Computers depreciate faster than RVs do. Proof positive? Go on Craigslist.com, and do a search on RVs. In the $0 to $10k range, you’re going to find RVs from the sixties to the nineties, depending on where you look.

Granted, they’re available at a fraction of their initial cost, but many still work and can be used. Meanwhile, a computer from the ’80s is essentially trash, even if it works perfectly well. This is because technology has advanced so far since that time. According to Moore’s Law, computer tech exponentially “doubles” on itself every one to two years. This trickles down to the market so that your devices are pretty much obsolete in three to five years. So, you’re going to have to buy new equipment at such intervals.

Cutting-Edge Motivation

Conversely, you could go with IT companies in Houston providing DaaS and HaaS, acquire machines that are properly managed and cutting-edge, and save thousands of dollars while retaining the same level of productivity. If one machine goes buggy, you switch it out at a substantially reduced sum from what would be necessary if you were in the ownership of that machine. Plus, businesses providing HaaS and DaaS have a built-in imperative to maintain the most cutting-edge devices they can; this gives them the competitive advantage.

HaaS is primarily geared toward larger machines, such as desktops, network equipment, etc, whereas DaaS is more likely to involve tablets, smartphones, laptops and IoT devices. A combination of both is most likely to save your business the greatest amount.

Breaking It Down

You’re more likely to have a competitive advantage if you can cut the cost of hardware technology. Say you’ve got 100 computers necessary for your business’ operation. Individually, you’d be looking at about $50k if each computer were $500. If you’re paying $20 per month per laptop, that’s $240 per device annually or $12k for a savings of $38k. $12k multiplied by five years is $60k. In the same period, if you were buying devices, you’d pay at least $100k.

These numbers are very conservative, but you’re likely to save even more. Savings equate to increased capital, which yields productivity as well as competitive expansion. Advantages of DaaS and HaaS include:

  • Cost reduction
  • Competitive expansion
  • Productivity expansion
  • Maintenance complication reduction


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