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IT companies in HoustonToday, the value of a VoIP system is priceless, and every business is now partnering with IT companies in Houston for this service. Every business needs it to maintain a competitive edge. However, as you search for the best phone systems in Houston, you must decide which option between the on-premises and the cloud-based solution will work best for you. Of course, there are a number of considerations to look at. The following are some of the things to consider:

Cost of Installation and Maintenance

An on-premises VoIP system is installed at your company premises. This means that you have to incur some cost hiring the personnel to manage it. Even if you get an IT company in Houston to do the management, you still have to incur the cost of the hardware needed plus the installation.

On the other hand, cloud-hosted VoIP will not cost you much apart from buying the phones in the office. Otherwise, everything else, including the hardware and software, is hosted and maintained by your provider. In fact, you do not need to hire extra personnel as everything is taken care of.


The only time that you will consider your on-premises VoIP secure is only if you sufficient IT resources to inspect the system every time. Otherwise, for security purposes, a cloud-hosted VoIP takes the day because the provider is skilled in matters to do with security, vulnerabilities, and protection of all points of entry. They will do their best because their reputation comes from the services they offer.


With an on-premise VoIP, you have control over every aspect of your system. You can design the system in such a way that it suits your specific needs. However, this is only convenient for big businesses with a dedicated IT team. With cloud-based systems, the provider executes all the software updates and maintenance. This means that they are in control of your system. However, this does not mean that the provider should monitor your calls or breach your organization’s confidentiality.

Scalability/Future Expansion

With an on-premise solution, your team has the flexibility to make any changes, such as switching solutions or mixing and matching. However, every expansion you make increases the complexities that you have to handle by yourself.

For a cloud-hosted VoIP, IT companies in Houston shoulder all work, risks, and complexities. If you are expecting future changes, this is the most convenient solution for you.

IT companies in Houston can help you in the implementation of VoIP system. Contact us at ICS now for more assistance whether you want a cloud-based or an on-premise VoIP system.