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IT companies in HoustonFor the longest time, businesses of all sizes have focused their attention on addressing cyber threats that are caused by external intruders. However, things are now changing as more and more business look internally in a bid to seal internal loopholes that can potentially expose them to cyber threats. As a small or medium-sized business owner, it is important for you to find the best IT services provider among the many IT companies in Houston to guide you through the process of securing your corporate network.

Notable Internal Cyber Security Threats

In our experience as one of the leading IT companies in Houston, we have come to establish these three major internal cybersecurity threats that every business owner must strive to guard against. They include:

  • Email phishing scams
  • Employees using public Wi-Fi networks
  • Removable devices that come up missing


Let us now look at each of these cybersecurity threats at some depth

Email Phishing scams

Since hackers prefer the path of least resistance, they often use these scams to dupe employees into giving their credentials thinking that they are signing in to a legitimate website. You can prevent this by advising your employees to be careful never sign in to websites which are not HTTPS-protected.

Employees Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

Employees who travel frequently often connect to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. Hackers often lurk around these networks looking to steal passwords and gain access to the exposed corporate networks. You need to advise your traveling executives and employees never to access your corporate network through these unsecured networks.

Removable Devices that Come Up Missing

Removable devices often carry crucial data. When this goes missing, it is akin to having lost some part of the important data that a firm needs. When these devices fall into the wrong hands, your firm and clients might be exposed to some dangers. It is, therefore, important for you to secure all your removable devices and secure them when not in use under lock and key. Other sources of internal cybersecurity threats include:

  • Employees pilfering corporate data for own use
  • Breaches for ransom and political aims

How Can We Help Protect You?

ICS is one of the leading IT companies in Houston dedicated to helping businesses stay secure even as they run their operations over the internet. We work with businesses to design security policies that can protect them from both external cyber threats and internal cyber threats. Contact us now and let us help you secure your firm against both internal and external sources of vulnerabilities.