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IT companies HoustonBuilding a remote workforce is a smart decision for any business. Not only does it increase productivity, but it also slashes overhead costs, as well as boosting employee efficiency. However, you will need certain technologies to make your remote work environment successful. IT companies in Houston can be of great help in making your endeavors successful. Here are the backbone technologies that you need for your remote workforce:

Endpoint Protection Services

When employees work remotely, they are bound to access confidential information from their personal devices such as tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. These devices are a target for cybercriminals, who will use such techniques as phishing emails to acquire confidential information. Ensure that the devices are well-protected using endpoint protection services to prevent such occurrences.

Office 365

Most remote employees find it a challenge to work as a team without proper collaborative tools. Your remote workforce needs Office 365, with advanced apps such as Word, Skype, and Excel. These tools enable remote workers to work on a single document in real-time. Microsoft Linc, GoToMeeting, and SharePoint are also other collaborative tech tools that are crucial to the productivity of any remote workforce.

Cloud Technology

To maintain a remote or mobile workforce, you need a technology that will enable employees to access files from wherever they are working from. With the cloud, you will achieve this since apps, network, documents, and servers are hosted from one location. This makes it possible to access files from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. IT companies in Houston can help you make the cloud migration.

Server and Network Management

When working remotely, you need to protect your business network. It is important to monitor your IT infrastructure for a secure network connection. Your files and crucial data should always be encrypted as you use multi-location network connection.

VoIP and UC

Your workforce needs tools to allow them to communicate from their remote locations. VoIP and Unified Communication (UC) are examples of tools with reliable call connectivity and conferencing features. With these, you can call into a meeting using your mobile device.

A remote workforce backed up by managed services from IT companies in Houston is the perfect way to increase efficiency and productivity in an organization. Contact us at ICS and our experts will guide you on mobile workforce techniques and other managed IT services.