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IT companies in HoustonToday, firms are increasingly allowing their employees to access the corporate network using their mobile phones and tablets. Although this move is intended to boost the efficiency of the employees, if not properly controlled, such access can expose the whole corporate network to a myriad of challenges. Mobile cybercrime is on a steady rise, and this can partly be attributed to the fact that mobile phones offer an easy access for hackers into secured or what seems to be secured corporate networks. Should you ban access via mobile phones? The resounding answer is no. Partnering with one of the many IT companies in Houston is the best response.

Why Should You Care?

Data leakage

Hackers are becoming clever at targeting corporates through their employees’ mobile phones. An employee can unknowingly download an app to his or her phone containing a riskware. This can be used by hackers to steal corporate data.

Unsecured connections and network spoofing

IT companies in Houston observe that a lot of employees often fall for free public Wi-Fi. Hackers can use these networks to access the corporate network and steal or corrupt critical data.

Mobile spyware and phishing

Oftentimes, employees like checking their emails on the go. Hackers are well aware of this and that is why they often direct their phishing attacks to these employees.

Poorly developed software

An app with poorly developed software is a big risk to your firm. There are many of these apps available online. If your employee downloads this to his or her phone, your whole corporate network will be made vulnerable.

Now you know the risks that mobile cybercrime poses to your business, and you need protection. At ICS, we are ranked as one of the best among the IT companies in Houston keeping businesses safe from any types of digital attacks. Contact us now to safeguard your business.