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IT companies in HoustonIT companies in Houston can help you optimize your business in a way that saves thousands of dollars every month depending on the kind of services you sustain. One of the best ways they ensure security and cut expenses for businesses is by providing backup and data recovery solutions. If you’ve got good backup but it takes a day to get a system rebooted, it can be an eternity in business time. Bigger organizations can lose millions in an hour, much less an entire day. Even if you’re only losing $100 an hour as a five-employee small business, that’s $2,400 in a day or $7,200 by the end of a weekend.

Consider that the average downtime a company will experience in the course of a year is usually going to be in the neighborhood of thirteen separate instances, which are around an hour in duration. That’s a minimum of $1,300 in a year for a very small business. If the costs to run operations are $1,000 an hour, that’s $13k a year. Getting online backup solutions for under $13k a year will save you money, pure and simple. Following are examples of benefits silhouetting such solutions:

  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Ease Of Recovery
  • Affordability


IT companies in Houston make backup solutions more convenient. Instead of panicking and pulling out your hair while systems are rebooted, you can have a mirrored data network that turns on automatically when it senses your primary system is crashing. This is made possible through cloud computing solutions and something known as data mirroring. This makes it so that networks can be entirely protected from the tiniest data loss.


It’s safer to have immediate failover solutions managed through a third party, conducting regular testing as a core prerogative of operations. Additionally, you can have continuous monitoring solutions put into place. These monitoring solutions would have the ability to catch anomalies before they compromise operations and stop potential hackers in their tracks.

Ease Of Recovery

Another issue that bears repeating is ease of recovery. It’s a lot easier to get back online when an outsourced provider maintains your failover solution. If you go the data mirroring route via the cloud, you’re going to have a much more high-profile and trustworthy protection than internal solutions. As a bonus, you get additional experience brought to the table because your MSP works with other clients that have diverse needs. Because of the extra experience, they wield more knowledge than internal teams.


Take the cost of physical equipment maintaining your network and double it. This will be the cost of a backup server array. Through the cloud, you get the same protection with a fraction of the associated expense.

Upgrading Your Data Protections

IT companies in Houston, such as ICS, can provide your online data security solutions. One of those security solutions is Backup and Data Recovery (BDR) options through the cloud. Contact us for more convenient, affordable, safe, easy solutions through online backup innovations.