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IT companies in HoustonHow safe is your company’s business data? That may not be something an SMB owner considers every day. IT companies in Houston advise that it is something every business owner needs to consider. If your company’s data is not stored properly, it could end up costing you everything.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Here are five ways you can ensure your company data remains safe:

  1. Implement routine backups – This is the starting point for any business. Taking backups should be a priority, no matter if you are using aging servers or the latest technology. You can use physical tape backups or backups to the cloud, or a combination of both. It is essential that at least one copy of the data is kept offsite.
  2. Keep your data organized – Your data organization should be as simple as possible. This makes it easy for employees to search for what they need to find. It also makes it easier to manage and to detect if something is missing or corrupted. With an overly complicated data structure, searching is difficult and management is even harder.
  3. Do regular maintenance – Remove files that are no longer needed. Make sure the remaining files are in the proper directory. If the files are stored on a physical server under your control, perform routine maintenance on the disk, including disk defragmentation and virus protection.
  4. Use the cloud technology – Moving all or part of your storage to the cloud is actually a good way to protect data. Cloud storage usually includes built-in redundancy and backup. IT companies in Houston can help you set up cloud solutions for backups and disaster recovery.
  5. Protect your data – You and your employees need to be vigilant when it comes to your data. If data is missing or corrupted, who do you notify? If you hear a disk drive making weird sounds, what do you do? If a virus alert pops up, what is the first thing you do? Training and vigilance go a long way in protecting your data.
  6. Enhance your cybersecurity – One of the biggest threats to business data today is cyber threats. Ransomware has made the headlines, but malware, viruses, trojans, and phishing attacks remain major threats to business data. Virus protection is only the first line of protection.


The recommendations discussed above can help you keep your data safe from human error and other potential disasters. If you need assistance with your data storage or other IT challenges, contact us at ICS. We are the leader among IT companies in Houston, helping clients achieve their technology goals.