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IT companies in HoustonIT companies in Houston are helping businesses stay protected against operational threats. One of the most pernicious pertains to password breach. Basically, there is an appalling number of companies that have ineffective or outright lazy passwords. Why? Convenience.

It’s convenient to have one set of logins. It’s additionally quite dangerous. Social engineering hacks and brute-force entry combine when lazy passwords are all that’s between a cybercriminal and your data.

The DNC was hacked in 2016 through lazy password protocols–no organization is immune. There are many common passwords, and you want to avoid making them the only thing keeping a cybercriminal out. It’s like a fence that’s only knee-high; trespassers can just step over it.

Beyond Passwords

It’s not just passwords that represent ineffective defenses. The majority of cyber threats emanate internally. Certainly, you need to iron out a password paradigm including proper length and special characters. This password paradigm must be managed and updated as regularly as it’s operationally feasible to update it. But additionally, you must inform your employees pertaining to the best internal cybersecurity practices.

Overall Security

It doesn’t stop there. IT helps to partner with IT companies in Houston to help you iron out effective internal security protocols. There are many reasons for this, chief among them is associated changes in technology over time. IT services providers in Houston understand that technology doubles on itself at 18-month intervals.

Accordingly, security that’s three or four years old is effectively a six-inch fence. It won’t keep anybody out. You need to have security “refreshers” throughout your staff and a culture of cyber security. Working with MSPs can be integral in attaining this.

Staying Ahead of Cybercriminals

Partnering with IT companies in Houston is essential in helping you rebuff the multi-trillion dollar threat of cybercriminal activity. Contact us now at ICS for more information.