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IT Companies In Houston: Introducing ICS

Does your network technology work flawlessly with your telecommunications infrastructure? If not, you might be missing out on some key efficiencies for your business.

Anytime you’re vetting new IT companies in Houston, there is bound to be a bit of stress involved. Are you finding the right partner that will meet the needs of your business, or are you going to be stuck in a long-term contract with an organization that isn’t a great fit? These questions are completely normal, but it’s good to write down all of the potential roadblocks that you can see so you can work through them with your potential IT services providers. A good partner will be open and willing to have the conversation because they are just as invested in the success of the partnership as you are. Here are a few ways to dig deep with a new prospective partner and determine if they might be a good fit for your company.

Finding the Best IT Companies in Houston

It’s easy for a company to say that they’re the best, but can their work stand up to that statement? When you are looking for the best IT companies in Houston, you might be interviewing a variety of different IT services providers. Be sure you’re always asking for references — and actually contact the references and have a conversation with them! There might be a small item that triggers you to ask a pertinent question or get clarification from your potential partners before you make a decision that could affect the future of your business.

Look for Comprehensive Solutions Providers

Blipping back and forth between various solutions providers for your telephone, internet, cabling and WiFi network can be a real pain, so why not find one company that is able to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for your business? Some IT companies in Houston specialize in only cybersecurity or outsource their cabling to other partners. Any time you are able to consolidate the number of partners, you are gaining efficiencies for your team as well as working with a partner that has a holistic view of your business. This can help when it’s time to define your technology roadmap for the future, as a partner with deep knowledge of your business operations may be able to make better recommendations than a partner with only a partial understanding of your opportunities and challenges.

Vet IT Companies in Houston for a Cultural Fit

Are your team members extremely laid back and highly technical, or a bit more formal in their demeanor? Your chosen IT services company will be a long-term partner for your business, and you need to know that your staff will be completely comfortable turning to them for answers and support. While a bit of a difference between dress codes isn’t likely to make or break your partnership, be sure that communication styles mesh well or you might be in for conflict down the road. For instance, if your staff members are most comfortable picking up a phone and requesting support instead of filling out an online support ticket, be sure your IT service provider is on board with that direction before you sign the contract — not after!

Confused With All The IT Companies In Houston, TX?

Today’s technology is more than a simple standalone system. You need a fully-integrated set of solutions that will help your staff members stay seamlessly connected with customers, vendors — and each other. See how you can move to the next level of information technology with ICS, well-known to be one of the best IT companies in Houston. Contact our staff of technical experts today at (281) 962-3058 in Houston, (210) 305-4087 in San Antonio or (512) 253-4135 in Austin. We provide managed IT services, technical consulting, telecommunications systems, video surveillance, data cabling and more for businesses of all sizes.