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IT companies in San AntonioIf you are like many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), you work on the break/fix model of IT management. You wait for something to break, and then you get someone to fix it. And that wait can go on for quite a while if it is major or your external IT guy is working on something else for another client of his. The break/fix IT model makes you experience unnecessary downtime, lost productivity, and unneeded stress. Hiring one of the many IT companies in San Antonio to manage your IT needs will take out of the break/fix IT model and into the proactive/”fix-it-before-it-breaks model”— and that will increase your profitability. Here’s how:

Increased Productivity

In a given month, how much time do you and your employees lose while waiting for someone to fix an IT problem? Every hour you lose because your network or your server is down is an hour of lost productivity, and that can cost a lot of money over the course of a year. With an IT service provider, those hours won’t be lost.

Improved Security

Your company’s IT security will improve drastically. How up-to-date is your company’s firewall? Have you removed access for previous employees to your systems? When did you last require employees to change their passwords? IT has tons of places where hackers can get in. Without constant vigilance, your company is vulnerable to attacks— these can cost you a lot of money. IT companies in San Antonio can help you strengthen your business’ security, and with the right one, you will have a team dedicated to your company’s security, and that protects your profits.

Fast Recovery

You can recover from everyday IT disasters faster.Did you know that about 58% of all downtime can be traced to human error? In some SMBs, if there is a company-wide outage, it can cost upwards of $20,000 per hour. Even a few hours of downtime can cripple some businesses. With a proactive backup and data recovery plan put in place by a managed service provider (MSP), most human errors can be fixed quickly and prevent extended periods of downtime.

Reduced Cost

You will spend less on IT. With an MSP, you pay a flat monthly fee that covers just about everything that could happen to your IT assets. Contrast that with the break/fix model where you pay premium prices whenever a problem occurs, big or small. Most companies that hire an MSP can cut their IT budgets and put that money towards more profitable activities.

Solid Focus

You can focus on your core business. Instead of waiting for the next IT problem to occur, you can put those worries behind you. Instead, you and your staff can concentrate on meeting your business objectives and sales goals. With your IT costs fixed and your focus on your business, your profits will definitely soar.

If you are ready to move your break/fix IT model into a more proactive one, you need to hire one of the best IT companies in San Antonio. Contact us at ICS today!