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IT consulting HoustonIT consulting firms in Houston will definitely have greater experience with common errors pertaining to endpoint security. You can probably figure out a few of the issues yourself, but there are definitely a few areas where you’ll come up short. The following are several common errors explained and what you can do to avoid them, but they only represent the tip of the iceberg. So, to begin, a few common endpoint security risks include:

  • Failure to secure all endpoints
  • Not educating staff, but trusting in tech instead
  • No direct incorporation of endpoint security in overall security strategy
  • Trusting too heavily in antivirus software
  • Restriction of endpoint security due to fear of operational slowdown

Failure to Secure All Endpoints 

Tablets are an endpoint. Smartphones are an endpoint. Many IoT (Internet of Things) devices are an endpoint. A great number of these devices go unprotected on a regular basis, because they’re not thought of as endpoints. But if they’ve got access to the web and aren’t the primary core server network, they’re an endpoint. If you really want to secure your system, you must identify all areas of possible intrusion and secure them.

Poor Staff Education

You can’t just trust in the technology to do the work for you. A human component is necessary. Look at these AI-derived “inspirational” posters. Algorithms are getting better, but they are not at the point where critical thought can be mimicked effectively. Computers are logic machines and do not deviate from inset parameters. Hackers know this and they understand how to work around them. This means if you really want to be secure, you must educate your staff in proper endpoint usage to ensure they don’t incidentally allow security breaches.

No Overall Incorporation

 Oftentimes, endpoint security is separate from primary security protocols. The overall strategy needs to incorporate endpoint security, not compartmentalize it. This will ensure more sweeping and inclusive security facilitation.

 Antivirus Isn’t Enough

 This was slightly touched on regarding staff education, but oftentimes, a staff doesn’t know what to look for when it comes to malware. You need a security team who understands the need. An IT consulting company in Houston knows what to look for when it comes to malware. Sometimes, viruses can hide dormant in a given system for six months or more before hackers activate it for their nefarious purposes. You need the human element involved, and can’t just trust inhering protection programs to the task.

Operational Concerns

Some restrict endpoint user security because they’re afraid that it will slow down operations. They’re afraid this will happen from either a software angle or a user angle— as in, consultants and IT professionals monitoring the system may inhibit operations. Well, this is less than likely. You’re more likely to find that your operations are secured through viruses being curtailed before they undermine business. Also, background security systems do very little to restrain operations.

Choosing an Endpoint Security Solution 

IT consulting in Houston through ICS Communications is cost-effective and informed by industry professionals who specialize in multiple echelons of IT support, including cloud computing, managed services, VoIP, and much more. Contact us for solutions that will safeguard your system against common threats, accidental blind spots, and the kind of underhanded viruses which lay dormant for months.