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Why IT Phone Services?

Business phone systems are no longer just telephones sitting on desks. Through Hybrid and VoIP technologies, your phones now allow you to operate more efficiently and effectively with an opportunity to lower your costs – in some cases by 50%.

As the world transitions from copper to fiber and beyond, many businesses are opting to take advantage of increased capacity to replace their aging in-house PBX (private branch exchange) with a new cloud-based PBX where the only hardware onsite is the phones themselves.

ICS’s completed suite of managed IT services in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin includes innovative Business Telephone Systems. Our Business Phones are a more sophisticated commercial version of consumer VoIP. Business VoIP offers the benefit of hosted PBX capabilities with conference calling, desk-to-desk calling, music-on-hold, automated attendants, and much more.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a widely used business telephone system that uses the Internet to transmit your calls as opposed to the old circuit-switched mode used by traditional telephone companies.

Business phone services to lower your PBX costs while keeping you connected 24/7

  • No more expensive PBX service that fails you when you need it most.
  • No more lost business due to outages.
  • Reliable phone and fax service.
  • Increased functionality.
  • User-level access.
  • The ability to manage the entire system from any location.

IT Phone Services for Small and mid-sized businesses

Small and mid-sized businesses can now benefit from the reliable business phones that larger companies have, but without the high price tag and unnecessary complexities.

  • Lower Your Phone Bills – Cut your business phone costs in half – some save up to 53%. With VoIP, you can also reduce costs on long-distance calls.
  • Benefit From Mobile Features – Work on the go with a smartphone app, voicemail to email, call forwarding, and more. Sync up your desktop with your mobile device via the Bluetooth function. You can integrate your mobile device to receive calls and voicemail alerts, as well as to use many other system features from wherever you are.
  • Functionality For Your Remote Workers – Business phone systems today allow your remote, at-home employees or mobile sales staff to have access to all the features and benefits of your corporate office phone system.
  • Advanced Features – You’ll have the most advanced and feature-rich phone system in the industry. You simply plug in phones at your office and they connect back to our secure data center. This will allow you to benefit from the enterprise-level features of a more extensive system at an affordable price.
  • Increased Scalability –You can add or delete phones and services as you require. There’s no need to purchase additional equipment at any time, and you can downsize if needed. This is perfect for seasonal businesses that must scale up or down as their business needs change.
  • Increased Flexibility – Whether your employees are in a single location or at multiple sites, desk-bound or road-bound, taking inbound calls or making outbound calls, we can create a solution that best fits your business communication style. And we’ll work with you to port your existing numbers over to our service.
  • Stay Connected 24/7– Staying connected is essential for any organization. And with any one of our progressive telecommunication systems, now you can.
  • We’ll Help You Decide On The Business Phone Solution That Meets Your Needs

At ICS, we pride ourselves on working closely with every client to ensure that their individual needs are fully met. Every company is different, and we want to work closely with you to review your current system, discuss what options may be available to you, and find a solution within your budget.

Both cloud-based and onsite solutions

If a cloud-based phone solution doesn’t work well for your company, we can provide onsite servers and system solutions to fit your needs. ICS will even allow you to start with an onsite system and later move it to the Cloud or start with a cloud system and move it to your site if you’re not satisfied.

Whether you’re seeking to expand an existing phone system or install an entirely new one, ICS is experienced in developing and implementing the right option for your unique needs, while ensuring our high quality of customer care.

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