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A lot rides on your security measures, which means a little due diligence goes a very long way.

Law Firm Computer Users

There is no understating the important role IT security measures play in a modern law firm. With so much of what you and your team do relying on your technology, keeping your network, data, and devices secure is crucial. The risk of data theft is high, and the consequences of a data breach are costly and far-reaching. It’s a scenario firms will do anything to avoid.

However, what many legal professionals don’t realize is that there is more to be concerned about than just external threats.

When was the last time someone took a thorough look at your IT security infrastructure? Simply checking in periodically to make sure that your security software is up to date and functioning isn’t enough. Effective IT security is made up of layers of protection, and with so much of your daily work being done on the go, that protection needs to extend outside of your office walls. Add to that the need to meet compliance regulations, and you’ve got a system that you cannot afford to have let you down.

Why Turn To Outside Help?

Think of it like this – no matter the case, you would never suggest that someone represent themselves in court. No matter how confident they are or how much they know about the charges they’re facing, allowing them to take the lead is a huge risk. They’re not a lawyer, and there are things that they simply don’t know about how the legal system works. The stakes are too high to not turn to a professional to make sure the case is handled correctly.

By that logic, of course it makes sense to have experienced and knowledgeable IT professionals take a look at your IT security infrastructure and take the lead on maintaining it. These pros know what you’re up against, and they know how to make sure that you have everything you need in place to avoid the infections and intrusions that lead to downtime, lost productivity, lost billable hours, and costly data loss.

Need A Second Opinion?

Many law firms have already made the decision to partner with an IT provider to have their technology needs taken care of. But not all of these providers have experience working within the legal field. A tax lawyer would be out of their depth in family court, despite both having similar education and certifications. He or she could still potentially win the case, but it would be nerve-wracking for everyone involved.

Nothing about your technology should ever be nerve-wracking.

ICS provides complimentary IT Security Assessments to area law firms in order to identify and potential vulnerabilities and confirm that your infrastructure is stable and secure. We’re happy to offer this service with no strings attached – all we want is to make sure that your firm is adequately protected against the growing number of cyber threats targeting law firms like yours. Simply contact us to schedule your free assessment.