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Continuous Support in a Perpetually-Online World

IT services HoustonIT services experts in Houston can provide you with the support that is available around the clock. You may not think you need them, but that’s a mindset which says you won’t reach a certain level of success.

If you don’t think you’ll ever need 24/7 support, you’re already operating your business with the wrong attitude. You are an obligate ram ventilator. Seem like an obscure phrase? Well, it is, but here’s what it means: you need to move forward to survive. Great white sharks are obligate ram ventilators. If they don’t swim, they literally die. This isn’t the case with all sharks, but it is the case with Great Whites and it’s the case with any business.

Currency inflates and economies fluctuate. Gold and silver aren’t worth what they were and neither is property. You can’t count on assets to retain value perpetually. However, if your business is constantly growing, you will retain the operational security you need. To get there, you’re going to need support which is, eventually, around the clock. What makes sense here is to source such support early on and be prepared for when that particular event horizon is crossed.

24/7 Help Desk Support Advantages

An IT services company in Houston can provide you with help desk support that is constantly available. Some advantages of this service include:

  • Greater available professionalism at reduced cost
  • Out-of-office end-user support
  • 70% of tier-one issues solved remotely
  • Asset conservation


You’re going to see more expertise through an outsourced help desk than on-site solutions. You may see greater individual professionalism in technicians sent to your operation every time an issue arises, but you’re going to see increased time and operational loss, which overcomes professionalism. Meanwhile, when 7/10 issues are resolvable remotely, you don’t always need a physical presence available. Also, a remote help desk will see issues from multiple clients throughout their service delivery penumbra. This means they’ve seen your issue and in a dozen different iterations.

Out-Of-Office End-User Support

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is increasingly characterizing modern offices. It cuts equipment costs, office space acquisition, and it increases productivity. When you can get employee support through a remote help desk, as well, then you know even when issues arise your workers can maintain productivity.

70% of Tier-One Issues Solved Remotely

It turns out that 70% of tier-one tech issues can be resolved through a remote help desk. It’s going to save you time and money to get instantaneous support for 7/10 issues, rather than waiting 10-20 minutes for a tech to arrive to do a simple keyboard command.


Cost-effective support reduces infrastructural tech expenses while maintaining existing systems with greater efficiency, facilitating expedited outward expansion and profit. Remote help desk solutions can conserve your assets.


IT services in Houston through ICS can get you 24/7 remote help desk support. Contact us to cut costs, expedite issue resolution, support end-users remotely, conserve technological/non-technological assets, and have expanded niche professionalism available just one phone call away. Increasing automation and innovation in technology expands the need for continuous business availability. Embracing remote support makes sound business sense.