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IT services HoustonUsing cloud services has presented a great opportunity for smaller businesses to make use of some of the latest workplace technology for the fraction of the cost. When you migrate your business storage and operations to the cloud, you can enjoy an offsite storage and a platform for other services including software and remote collaboration. If you need expertise to help you make the move, consider using IT services in Houston. As with any service, it’s important to keep costs in check and make sure you understand how much you are paying and what you are being charged for.

Hidden Costs of the Cloud

The great part of using the cloud is that you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure costs or maintenance of the platform. This is handled by the provider. You are usually charged a monthly subscription fee which may be tiered depending on what services and capacity you need. This flat fee is very affordable for and attractive to small and medium businesses.

It is still possible for your cloud costs to skyrocket if you’re not paying a close watch on them. Some of the costs that can cause this include paying for a number of standalone services and products, excessive data backup of mundane or non-critical files, and having more connected devices and user accounts that are actually in use.

Keeping Costs in Control

If you want to make using the cloud a cost-efficient experience, you should work closely with an experienced provider of IT services in Houston. They can help you integrate the different services you need and charge you for a whole suite of products and services. They can also help you decide on your ideal backup frequency and on how much storage capacity you actually need. With remote monitoring and management of your accounts, they can quickly remove the accounts of former employees so that your system is current and secure.

Migrating to the cloud can be a game changer for your business, but you must watch the costs for you to get the maximum benefit. If you are looking for an experienced partner to provide your business with advanced cloud services, get in touch with ICS. We provide IT services in Houston to businesses in many different industries and we can help you with a whole range of services.