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IT services HoustonHave you ever considered whether IT services in Houston could cost you less than what you currently spend on IT support requirements? The answer is: probably. This is because most small businesses massively underestimate how much IT support actually costs them.

To find out if outsourcing can save you money, determine how much your IT systems are currently costing you. calculations generally fall into three distinct areas:

  • Software and equipment
  • Labor costs
  • Problems and outages

Software and Equipment

This is the basic outlay and it can be calculated reasonably accurately. The initial cost of servers, other hardware, and software can be budgeted for as it’s generally a standard one-off price.

Labor Costs

Labor costs are slightly harder to nail down as the overall cost will be reliant on whether operations run smoothly or if there are unexpected problems. For example, the most obvious costs will be related to the installation and monitoring of systems, as well as ongoing maintenance. Typically, there will be occasional extra costs due to errors in the original code or hardware, which will lead to patches, updates of code, or upgrades of the machinery. You hope that an installation will go according to plan, but, unfortunately, you have to budget for the unexpected.

In an effort to make sure your infrastructure is robust and protected in the event of a virus or hacking, you’ll also need to budget for backing up all data and programs regularly.

Problems and Outages

Unfortunately, when a problem does occur, business owners usually underestimate the costs of IT support services. If something breaks or the system completely shuts down, emergency resolutions, repairs or replacements to get the system back up, and running as soon as possible are all explainable costs.

The problem lies with the situations that fly under the radar. For example, do you know how often your staff waits for applications or web pages to load before they can continue their work? Are documents frequently going missing or being accidentally deleted, resulting in duplication of work to recreate them? Should hardware around the office be replaced as printing takes too long? Are PCs breaking down, causing employees to waste time getting them to work again?

The costs associated with disruptions don’t just lie with the problem software or hardware; it is the general decrease in productivity and interference with the normal workflow that causes unexplained costs. When all of this is taken into account, it may make sense to employ more IT staff. Unfortunately, unless you have a very low paid IT worker or one with many skills–or both–your costs are going to continue to increase. Instead, consider IT services in Houston with versatile and knowledgeable teams to help answer your IT questions and save you time and money.

The Only Solution to Saving Money

The solution is clear. Instead of wasting money on the hidden aspects of infrastructure support, save money by engaging to an IT services company in Houston. Contact us now at ICS for a complete overview of how we can help you cut your spiraling costs.