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IT services HoustonWhether your organization is large or small, the type of phone system you choose can have a significant impact on your business, since it allows you to communicate with clients. Choosing between a traditional phone system and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system can be difficult as both types of phones provide advantages and disadvantages. However, here are a few reasons affirmed by IT services experts in Houston why VoIP is better than the traditional phone system:


The use of VoIP technology has become increasingly popular and is an excellent option for businesses. Using this technology costs less than a landline and offers many features that you cannot find anywhere else. Voicemails can be automatically sent to your inbox since VoIP relies on an internet connection. The only downside to relying on the internet is that if you ever experience any downtime, you will be unable to receive or make any phone calls until the connection is restored. Of course, partnering with a reliable IT services provider in Houston can significantly reduce downtime and make it well worth the investment.

Another added benefit of VoIP technology is that it is very user-friendly and easy to set up with minimal time investment. Remote employees can also access VoIP technology, which allows them the freedom to work from anywhere. Ultimately, the many features provided by VoIP technology makes it a worthwhile investment for any business in need of a phone system.

The Latest technology

Many businesses are beginning to move away from landlines since they do not offer nearly as many features as VoIP technology. Nevertheless, some companies are hesitant to switch over as they are more comfortable with using landlines as a reliable solution for basic communication. However, if you ever need repairs, it may become more difficult to get them, since the vast majority of phone companies are switching over to a VoIP system. Choosing to partner with an MSP will enable you to experience the latest technology and receive around-the-clock support for a VoIP phone system. Transitioning to VoIP technology offers many more benefits compared to a traditional landline and is the best option in today’s technical environment.

An IT services provider in Houston can help your business take advantage of the latest technology through the use of VoIP communications. ICS is an IT provider that will walk you through the many benefits of VoIP technology. Our staff will demonstrate each feature and will answer any questions you might have about this technology. Contact us today and see why the use of VoIP technology offers many more benefits compared to a traditional phone system in today’s workplace.