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Managed Services Advantages

IT services HoustonA provider of IT services in Houston can offer your medium-sized business many advantages in terms of optimization, cost reduction, and scalability. Several primary advantages facilitated through MSP solutions include:

  • IT expense consolidation and declination
  • More experienced professionals
  • Increased competitive edge
  • Optimized security

Consolidation and Declination

When your business is sourcing tech solutions internally, you’re paying more, period. You’ve got to source the parts, pay for shipping, pay for storage space, pay for installation, pay for upgrades, troubleshooting, backup solutions, and the staff to do all those things. If you’re able to pull that off for under $50k a year, you’re doing excellent. But here’s the thing: that’s going to be an aggregate sum, because you’re going to have to purchase a new system within five years and the aggregate will increase as inflation does. If you spend $100k on an internal network’s acquisition, installation, and upkeep in the first year, then $25k a year on it four years following, that’s $200k over five years, or $40k a year. You’d be doing quite well!

Meanwhile, with an IT company which provides IT services in Houston, you can use cloud computing in conjunction with the latest tech upgrades to keep your business continuously on the cutting edge. Plus, you don’t have to pay for internal IT staff and you don’t have to pay for storage, acquisition of parts and tech, installation of parts and tech, or any of the rest. If you’re paying $2k a month for such service, that’s $24k a year or $120k over five. You would have saved $80k over the same services internally conducted. Again, these numbers are all conservative. With MSP services you’re more likely to pay around $500 to $1000 a month— depending on your operation, of course.

More Experienced Professionals

Internal employees can only learn so much. Between upgrades, troubleshooting, necessary maintenance, help desk tickets, RFID tagging, and all the other little things they must do, upgrade and expansion just aren’t their usual specialties. However, an MSP has personnel who regularly work with diverse clients in multiple realms of business. Not only are they professional, but they come with more experience.

Increased Competitive Edge

When you’re saving tens of thousands of dollars annually, that’s going to free up your budget for core spending in areas like marketing, PR, and even tech upgrades. If you do have internal IT staff, you can mature your investment in them through an outsourced agency by letting the MSP do all the “grunt” work and allowing your internal staff to work on streamlining operations. Plus, MSP techs often have access to better and newer technology.

Increased Security

MSPs can offer continuous monitoring solutions and proactive IT. Between the two, you are able to have greater trust in your systems. Additionally, MSPs can help train your internal staff regarding best practices. Many security threats come from inside a company and MSPs can help protect against this better than most in-house IT solutions.

Optimizing Operations

IT services in Houston through ICS Communications are always advancing tech to and beyond the cutting-edge. That kind of attitude additionally translates to security applications. All things ICS are done through experienced professionals, and things like the cloud save clients thousands. Contact us for cost-effective IT solutions.