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The use of cloud-based communications systems offers many benefits for companies needing IT services in Houston. Whether you are interested in a Unified Communications solution, a VoIP system, or a team collaboration app, the use of cloud-based communications can significantly help your company in many ways. If you are not convinced, here are four ways that a cloud-based system can have an impact on your business.

Increased Security

The use of cloud-based communications specializes in providing the latest security measures. As you know, the use of phishing and various fraud schemes are on the rise, and it is important to avoid becoming the next victim to these criminals. Fortunately, these schemes are easily preventable, and you will receive more protection through a cloud-based communications system than the regular phone line. For example, most on-site phone equipment is stored in a closet inside the office and is limited to a low level of security. On the other hand, cloud based communications use various security methods that include network security, encryption, and secure video and voice communications. These servers are also hosted in secure facilities that are more protected than your average office with a phone line connection. Overall, the use of cloud communications offers better security and it is more convenient.


Are you looking for ways to improve mobility and enable employees to communicate from a variety of locations? One of the main factors in choosing a cloud solution is the freedom of mobility. Employees can easily access the cloud phone network from any location, which further increases production and improves employee satisfaction. For example, employees can work from home and are not strictly confined to the office environment. Ultimately, this added convenience allows employees more flexibility and improves their morale.

Reduced Cost

Keeping costs down is one of the key goals for businesses in need of IT services in Houston. Fortunately, the use of cloud-based communications offers a wide variety of pricing plans. Compared to a traditional phone line, the use of cloud technology is much more affordable and convenient. The vast majority of cloud communications is a one-time monthly fee and it offers unlimited local and long distance calls.


Are you looking for different levels of scalability? Fortunately, with cloud technology, phone service scalability has never been so easy. Adding new phone lines, extensions, or a new feature is a very user-friendly process. You can also reduce the number of phones to lower costs depending on the needs of your business. This newfound flexibility allows you to tailor your phone systems in Houston to best fit your company and can be changed at any time.
The use of cloud-based communications offers a variety of benefits for companies in need of IT services in Houston. Whether you are interested in security, mobility, cost, or scalability, the benefits of cloud communications are immense. ICS is a managed service provider that offers cloud communications for companies small and large. Our staff is specially trained to answer any questions and help setup your business for cloud technology. Contact us today and start experiencing the latest forms of communication that will enable your business to reduce costs and reach new customers.