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Houston business phone systems have changed the face of businesses over the last 30 years by allowing businesses to operate more efficiently, effectively, and with a greater reach than ever before. At ICS, we provide business phone systems that are fully cloud-based, traditional on-premise based, or a hybrid of the two.

Business Phone Systems in the Modern Workplace
Business phone systems still have a place in today’s modern workforce. A recent study of more than 10,000 Houston businesses reported that 83 percent indicated their phone system to be their most important piece of equipment, outside of equipment used to produce products or fulfill services they offer.

How Do Business Phone Systems Benefit Your Business?
Regardless of whether your company is just starting out in Houston, or has been in operation for years, ICS is committed to helping you design, install or repair a professional business phone system that will help you expand your capabilities and grow into the digital future in a variety of ways:

Mobility Focused. The Houston workplace is no longer confined to an office building, but your employees are constantly on the move and ready to work at a second’s notice. You need a communication system that can keep up with the rapid growth of today’s mobile workforce, and with a business phone system from ICS, you and your employees can integrate your mobile devices to receive calls and voicemail alerts. The mobile phone system of today is also the system of the future–whenever and wherever you need it.

Embracing Remote Work. Gone are the days when each employee logged long hours at the office–these days, your employees can be seen grinding away at one of Houston’s coffee shops or clocking hours from the comfort of their couch; you want a business phone system that can accommodate these employees while still maintaining the features and benefits of the corporate office phone system infrastructure.

Saves You Money. With today’s mobile, remote, digital workforce, Houston businesses have the potential to serve clients across the globe, and you don’t want to be bogged down with pricey long-distance calls for communication. Utilizing Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, you can reduce costs not only on long-distance calls, but on office-to-office connections as well.
Why Should Houston Businesses Choose ICS?
At ICS, we are deeply committed to helping Houston businesses grow through the use of an affordable, effective business phone system. With nearly three decades of experience, let our knowledge work for you. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of any of the products and services we offer related to business telephone systems.

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