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Unified communication and unified messaging systems are helping businesses across Houston connect faster and easier with their employees as well as with their customers. A unified communication system gives business owners more control over the different types of communication and messages they receive. Whether its voicemails, faxes, emails, or text messages, you can now easily store and retrieve all communications through a single point of access. This gives your company a significant advantage when trying to increase productivity and cut down on time spent finding voicemails, faxes, etc.

Here’s an example of how this product would be used in a business environment. Let’s say that one employee receives three different types of messages throughout the day; emails, voicemails and faxes. Many times try to keep up with all this type of communication can be difficult; emails come in online, voicemails come in through the phone system, and faxes come in as paper documents. So when they go to search for an important fax they received two weeks ago, they might have to search through a pile of papers, or if they don’t find it, they might have to contact the person that originally sent it and ask them to send it once more. If this particular employee was using unified communications, these faxes would be sent to their email as a PDF, allowing them to view and print right from their computer. Finding a fax from two weeks ago would be as simple as searching their email. In addition, if they needed to send that fax off to someone else within the company, they could simply forward the email with the PDF file attached.

The scenario above is one that happens every day in offices across Houston. With use of unified communications, these offices can help their employees be more efficient, spend less time searching for the different types of communications they receive, and spend more time helping the company grow.

If you are interested in learning more about unified communication systems and advance messaging control, please call us and a service advisor will be glad to assist you in learning everything you need to know about helping your company communicate more effectively.