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Voice over IP (VoIP) technology is growing in popularity as business owners in Houston discover how to take advantage of this innovative system.

VoIP systems now allow workers to work remotely while still being very much engaged with coworkers and involved with in-office communications. The services now allow for many other features beside simply placing calls, including call integration, chat, desktop collaborations, email and project management.

No matter what kind of solution your business needs, ICS can equip your office with a set of solutions that will help increase productivity.

VoIP Technology for Your Business
VoIP allows traffic to travel across all networks that are VoIP-enabled by converting traditional technology into IP packets. The technology also helps businesses save money by combining data and voice networks on one network.

VoIP and Remote Working
More and more companies in Houston are starting to look at the validity of remote working and how it could benefit their business. When looking to switch to remote work for your office, it’s essential that your services have the best mobility for increased flexibility.

With the current digital age, VoIP systems can be extended with smartphones, which allows for a broad range of mobility for your employees. It allows your workers to do everything they would do on a normal, in-office phone, on their cellular phones.

Employees can even transfer calls between one another with their mobile devices, and it integrates with many apps and devices, including Bluetooth, GPS, Outlook and WiFi.

The ICS team can work with you and your business team to decide how to disperse the desktop phones, and how to decide which team members will use MiCollab on their devices.

Utilizing VoIP technology, your business could join some of the most influential Houston businesses who are quickly adapting to the digital age and adopting remote working policies.

Professional ICS installation combined with the tools of VoIP systems allows you to rest assured that your employees, both in-office and/or remote, will be able to work at optimal efficiency no matter where they choose to work form.

ICS Voice over IP Technology in Houston
The experts at ICS help Houston businesses implement their new VoIP system. Request a quote today to see how our professionals can help you choose the best VoIP solution for your company.