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IT services San AntonioIs your firewall robust enough to keep intruders at bay? If your corporate firewall is just basic, then you are in a good place. However, you need to do more to ensure that your firewall is strong enough to deal with emerging cybersecurity threats. When it comes to securing your corporate data, there is no such thing as overdoing it. If IT is not your core competency, you can outsource the function to an IT services provider in San Antonio that can ensure that your corporate network is secured and no intruder gains access to your critical corporate data. If you decide to outsource your cybersecurity functions to an IT provider, you should expect this service provider to:

Install a Robust Anti-Virus to Support Your Firewall

Your firewall plays an important role in blocking malicious software and ensuring that they do not gain access to your internal networks. This is no doubt a very important defensive function played by your firewall. However, this is not enough. Why not add an extra layer of security which can supplement the efforts of your firewall? An IT services provider in San Antonio can help you choose a robust and compatible anti-virus which will not only prevent malware from accessing your network but also remove those that might have infiltrated through your firewall.

Conduct Egress filtering

Oftentimes, businesses use their firewalls to protect themselves against unwanted inbound traffic. However, in our line of work, we have discovered that monitoring outbound traffic through a process called egress filtering is equally important. A good MSP will ensure that systems are in place to conduct thorough egress filtering to make sure that sensitive corporate data does not leave your firm though outbound traffic. This data leak is normally initiated by a malware that might have made it into your network. Conducting egress filtering will ensure that data breach is halted before it happens.

Set Up an IDS

An intrusion detection system (IDS) is important in the sense that it acts as a watchdog firing out alarms whenever threats have been flagged. This system can send alerts to you or your MSP when there are any malicious login attempt or IT security policy violations. This way, an MSP can execute remedial measures aimed at dealing with the identified threats.

Constantly Test and Retest Your Firewall

Think of your corporate network to be like this important building housing important people who carry out some important work for the state. You know once in a while, the fire department conducts fire drills to gauge the preparedness of these people to respond to emergency situations. An MSP can help you do some drills to test the strength of your firewall. It is better to discover vulnerabilities through such drills than having to wait for a real breach to happen.

At ICS, we are a professional IT services provider in San Antonio specializing in helping clients deal with emerging threats to their IT network. Contact us now and let us discuss how we can be of service to you.