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IT services HoustonIT services providers in Houston can help you design backup solutions that will help your business continue forward even in spite of exceptional setbacks. With technology, a wise way to approach operations is to look at things like downtime as a matter of “when” rather than “if”. Once you have such a perspective, your next step should be to optimize operations such that any downtime is reduced. To that end, onsite, individualized offsite, and cloud computing backup can comprehensively support your operation. The most part, backups will involve critical files unless you specify otherwise.

Image-based backup, by contrast, provides an exact replica of your network, desktop, or device. The settings, the background on the interface screen, the font, the language, etc.–all these things are preserved exactly. This way when your system reboots, it’s basically only a small quotient of time you’re out. If you want your image-based backup to be the most successful, more continuous backup solutions are worth applying. Furthermore, you may find a few very tangible advantages come from a comprehensive image-backup paradigm:

  • Expedited Recovery
  • Less Difficult Recovery
  • Facilitation Of Redundant Solutions
  • Remote Management and Recovery

Expedited Recovery

IT services providers in Houston that provide image-based backup solutions are likely going to speed up how fast you can recover from a downtime incident. The reason is the simplicity of recovery. If you don’t have an image-based backup, you’re going to have a categorization need after the fact. You’ll have to put everything back how it was, and that can be time-consuming. At worst, it may cause you to gloss over certain things to reach profitability again, leaving your data in disarray. With image-based recovery, you’re just out the lost time.

Less Difficult Recovery

It’s not so hard to recover when it doesn’t take long for you to do so. You decrease the difficulty in terms of management and productivity losses.

Facilitation of Redundant Solutions

When you’ve got multiple means of security, you’re more likely to operate securely. While it isn’t strictly necessary to compound redundant backup solutions, it is a recommendable and wise means of securing operations. Many IT providers will recommend at least three backup solutions. You’ll likely want one onsite, offsite, and in the cloud. Alternatively, you could store backups on separate clouds and likely experience similar levels of security. The key is to have at least two fail-safe backup solutions in place. If you have an onsite disaster, your offsite recovery solution is available. If onsite and offsite backups are lost, then you’ve got the cloud. If you lose the cloud, you’ve got the offsite solution.

Remote Management and Recovery

Image-based backups can help you fix problems on devices even if they’re remote. Additionally, if a tablet or smartphone is lost or stolen, image-based backup solutions will be able to “wipe” the device so that sensitive information isn’t compromised.

Securing Image-Based Recovery Solutions

IT services in Houston through ICS can help you safeguard your system in a convenient way which compounds security and provides RMM support. Contact us now for the latest in backup solutions, as well as cutting-edge technology and professionally informed upgrades.