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IT services San AntonioData breaches are increasingly more prevalent in today’s business landscape, and businesses are consulting with IT services providers in San Antonio to improve their cyber defenses. Implementing advanced cybersecurity strategies improves the chances of detecting and preventing threats which paralyze IT infrastructure, encrypting malware, for example.

Here are five ways on how to improve your cybersecurity defenses:

1. Strict Policies on HR and Physical Safeguards

To keep your business information safe, you need a proactive cybersecurity approach that goes beyond assessing the IT department to include human resource policies such as employee exit strategy. In addition, you ought to have stringent procedures on physical safeguards and remote project protocol.

2. Adopt Multi-Factor Authentication

The reality of the threat landscape today includes lost and stolen devices such as laptops and tablets, which cybercriminals can use to infiltrate internal networks. Deploying multi-factor authentication blocks cybercriminals from accessing sensitive information within your IT infrastructure.

For example, if a stolen laptop is used to access a virtual server, a malicious actor will be unsuccessful since they won’t have access to verification information such as an SMS code sent to a mobile phone.

3. Constant Network Monitoring

IT services providers in San Antonio help businesses with real-threat intelligence to detect vulnerabilities and patch them to keep ransomware and malware at bay. They provide high-precision vulnerability scans, prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities, and consolidate all vectors of threat intelligence.

Doing so safeguards your systems against ransomware attacks, which target personally identifiable information that cybercriminals use for blackmail.

4. Continuous Security Awareness Training

Research on cyber threats reveals that phishing emails are the leading mode of delivery of malware by hackers. With more targeted phishing schemes threatening business technology infrastructure, continuous security awareness training helps to update your staff on the latest risk factors and threats and defense mechanisms.

For example, mobile malware, which may be introduced through unsecured email or social media applications, can be avoided by securing such apps. With such awareness, your employees will serve as a defensive line and not a point of weakness.

5. Regular Data Backup

While data backup doesn’t directly protect your systems against cyber threats, it ensures a safe and quick restoration option in the event of a successful data breach such as encrypting ransomware. Deploying several data restore points on the cloud in various data centers helps you resume operations almost immediately. Also, it averts the risk of data loss from attacks.

At ICS, we offer leading-edge cyber defense solutions as part of our IT services in San Antonio to help businesses defend against cyber attacks. Get in touch with us to know more about improving your business’s cybersecurity.