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IT services San AntonioAfter The Disaster

IT services experts in San Antonio do many things for a given client, from completely running systems to relocating, troubleshooting, maintaining, upgrading, and securing them. However, one thing many clients don’t consider is the convenience that proper IT support can give your business after a data breach.

Ideally, there should be no breach whatsoever, but that’s not realistic. Hackers have gotten into government computers and cracked some of the most secure corporations in the world, and they’re going to continue to do so. The best security can’t protect against everything. What it can do is protect against most things, and it can learn from unforeseen vulnerabilities. When a breach happens, the right MSP is going to encourage these practices:

  • Verification of breach
  • Password reassignment
  • Replacing old credit cards/operating systems
  • Determining cause of breach
  • Verify if there’s been a breach


IT services providers in San Antonio can help you determine whether you’ve actually experienced a breach. Sometimes, there are cybercriminals clever enough to secure login data from unsuspecting clients by lying about a data breach and asking for their info. Always check your credit card company and/or your MSP. If you’re responding to a breach on the corporate card, you espescially want to make sure things are legitimate. Halloween is just around the corner. It’s a holiday full of candy, costumes, and craziness. When there is increased traffic, cybercriminals strike. You’re less likely to double-check if you’re already “treading water” due to the holiday rush. Don’t be a prey of a hacker; verify if there’s been a breach before you do anything drastic.

Always Change Passwords ASAP After A Breach

If you’re working with an MSP that offers password management, this can be done very quickly with minimum hassle. It can be an automated feature of recovery after a breach so you won’t have to remember this step, and you can ensure the new password you choose is adequate. If there has been a breach, always change your password.

If A Credit Card’s Compromised, Get A New One

This applies to more than just credit cards. Sometimes you’ve got to reboot your primary OS (Operating System), especially when there is a pernicious ransomware worm that gets in the works, and this can be egregious on a network. It makes sense to use cloud solutions for more than just cost-effectiveness and convenience. Mirrored network solutions can help ensure you never lose anything after a substantial data breach. Credit cards can’t be floated to the cloud. If you’ve had a personal or corporate credit card hacked, it’s time to get a new one.

Find Out Why The Breach Occurred

Did you download a link from one of those “watch movies for free” websites? Did you open a spurious, spam-laced email? Use this as your silver lining: when you figure out what the breach is, you won’t be compromised by that issue anymore. MSPs can help you do this quickly.

Securing Your Digital Domain

An IT services team in San Antonio through ICS can help you avoid data breaches and prevent infiltration the same way multiple times. We offer comprehensive IT services throughout the region. Contact us for superior solutions.