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IT services San Antonio, phone systems San AntonioIT services providers in San Antonio can tell you how much cloud technology has transformed the way business works. It has made data sharing and storage much easier. That same transformation is happening to business communications, and there are plenty of advantages to cloud-based communication.

Five Advantages of Adopting Cloud-Based Communications

  1. It’s mobile friendly – Employees can access the cloud using any device, including smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. That gives you more options of where and how your employees work. It makes it easy for anyone to work from home or to access needed files while on the road. The apps currently available from most providers offer all the same features as a desk-side device, making it easy for employees to access real-time data.
  2. It’s easy to scale – With old hard-wired phones, scalability was a problem. To add a new phone line, a worker would have to run a new phone wire from the switch to the designated location. That meant that adding multiple lines could put a worker into overtime. With a cloud-based system, adding new lines is just a matter of configuration. Within a couple of minutes, a brand new line is set up and ready to go. Even better, if you need to get rid of a few lines, you can do it just as easily.
  3. It’s more secure – With a hard-wired phone system, the only security is the lock to the phone closet. With a cloud-based communication system, security can be much tighter. Some of the options include data encryption, network security, and HIPAA-compliance methods. The servers that host the communications software are kept in highly secure data centers.
  4. It’s reliable – A cloud-based communication system needs a reliable network. Cloud providers offer service-level agreements that guarantee a certain amount of uptime. To maintain the level of availability, cloud providers invest a lot of money in equipment and technology. They have detailed disaster recovery and redundancy plans to ensure continued connectivity for all their customers.
  5. It’s cost-effective – Putting in a hard-wired communication system is expensive. It requires a lot of man hours running wires and setting up the phones. With a cloud-based solution provided by a phone systems expert in San Antonio, the cost is lower. The network connectivity can be done through existing network lines or via wireless/cellular communication channels. Most providers offer a per-user pricing that includes both local and long-distance. Some providers offer the option to pay only for the minutes used.

Small Business Benefit from Cloud-Based Communications

IT services providers in San Antonio know that cloud-based communication solutions are perfect for small businesses and startups. They offer the ability to start out with a low-cost solution that meets or exceeds their immediate needs while offering the ability to scale up quickly as the company grows.

You can transform your business by adopting cloud-based communication options like team collaboration software, VoIP systems, or Unified Communication solutions. If you want to learn more about cloud-based communication technology, talk to our team of experts at ICS. We offer IT services in San Antonio that fit your business’ needs. To learn more, contact us.