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IT services San AntonioThese days, the security threats are so great in terms of sophistication that it can massively damage your business. This is why IT services experts in San Antonio have been conducting security assessments for many businesses.

Furthermore, it is not good enough to undertake just one security assessment. Periodic security assessments need to be a fundamental part of your approach to your business. It should be considered as a basic requirement of your operations, but what exactly is an IT security assessment?

What Is a Security Assessment?

Also known as a security review or security audit, a security assessment is pretty well just that; assessing the state of your IT security. However, there are formal approaches to the security assessment to ensure that it is both effective and efficient.


Most importantly, the security assessment of IT services experts in San Antonio follow a structured approach that ensures all areas are covered. These include:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networks
  • Backups
  • Applications/services
  • Stakeholders
  • Data/encryption
  • Communications platforms
  • Mobility
  • Policy
  • Training/awareness
  • Employees


The assessment will ensure that every area of IT is reviewed. It will also ensure that certain strategies and protocols are followed so that the assessment is with a sufficient breadth and depth.

In some industries, governmental or industry regulations may inform the requirements that need to be met by your security assessment in terms of both the review and any documentation generated.

Threat Assessment

A critical component of the security assessment is identifying and quantifying the threats. It will attempt to identify if there have been any historical security breaches or compromises. It will also attempt to identify threat vectors, vulnerabilities and potential areas of concern. These should inform policy so that processes can be modified if necessary.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Regime

Bear in mind that the threats don’t need to come from external sources. The threat of downtime, data corruption or systems failures can be even greater than the threat of being hacked. The security assessment must ensure that DR and backup are sufficient for your organization’s needs.

Company Policy

An informed and effective policy is critical to your business. This includes an organization’s approach to security. Your security assessment should review existing security policies to ensure that they are competent. A company can invest big sums in IT security tools, but if the security policies don’t ensure adequate vetting and/or training of employees, their systems can still end up being compromised, even unwittingly.


An effective security assessment will involve updating existing documents. It will also generate fresh documentation that will be used to inform everything from senior management to regulators and future security assessments.

An IT services provider in San Antonio that conducts a security assessment will ensure that your business can enjoy a long and successful life in today’s IT-centered world. They provide valuable insight for management at many levels. ICS helps many businesses implement security assessments. To learn more about us, Contact us now.