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IT services San AntonioIT services experts in San Antonio provide cloud solutions in regular service suites for a number of reasons. Several reasons worth considering include:

  • Cost-effective provisions
  • Decreased complication in regular operations
  • The big data component and flexible scalability

Cost-Effective Provisions

Cloud computing is usually going to provide the services that businesses need at a much lower cost. Consider the expense of an onsite server array. If you can acquire two dependable servers that are up-to-date technologically for under $10k per server, good for you. If you can find one tech individual capable of maintaining them for $30k a year, you’re also doing downright excellent. If maintenance costs, moving expenses, storage space and all the other things that are required for server support–including backup solutions–can be sourced for $20k, you may be living in a tech utopia. Even then, you’re looking at $70k a year for at least two out of five years and $30k a year during the three years when you’re not upgrading server options. That’s a total of $160k over five years at a minimum.

Cloud computing can provide all that utility for a more reduced sum. If you can get it for $80k over five years or under $1,400 a month, you’ve just saved at least $80k at a conservative estimate. Odds are, you can source it even more cheaply. It just does not make sense to hang onto antiquated tech solutions when cloud computing can cut costs in half. IT services experts in San Antonio can provide such solutions.

Decreased Complication in Regular Operations

Cloud computing basically outsources your internal IT solutions in an effective way that doesn’t require an additional personnel department to maintain. Additionally, it can substantively reduce interface complications inside specific echelons of your organization and as disparate regions communicate with one another. If your business has two offices that are at opposite ends of the same state, instead of working on idiosyncratic networks that expand the hassle of communication, you can combine operations onto the cloud and get everybody on the same page with a minimum of complication and fuss.

The Big Data Component and Flexible Scalability

These things go hand in hand: cloud computing links together an array of servers, which compounds computational ability. Where one computer may take an hour to process a 10-terabyte load, two computers that are networked together can do it in a half-hour, four can do it in 15 minutes, 60 can process that data in a minute and a thousand can do it in seconds. A massive cloud array makes it possible to process massive amounts of data in real time. Additionally, as a business scales up, the expanded computing power available on a cloud array is a “drop in the bucket,” decreasing the complication of such a move. This is the Big Data component, and its associated implications are considerable.

Upgrading to the Cloud

IT services in San Antonio through ICS can help you make the cloud leap. This will save your company time, money and resources. Additionally, complications will be decreased and you’ll be able to enjoy the scalable, flexible, and comprehensive advantages of services like Big Data. Contact us now for cloud computing solutions.