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IT services San AntonioIT security is one of the IT services in San Antonio that all businesses must prioritize. Most industries such as financial institutions and the healthcare industries mostly deal with the client’s information, which sometimes is very personal. As such, hackers are increasingly targeting this information and making a kill by engaging in ransomware attacks. Some businesses have instituted some security monitoring solutions, but the response time is still wanting. Thus, cybercriminals are able to access confidential company data. To avoid such scenarios, it’s important for organizations to work on their IT solutions. Consider the following:

Prioritizing IT Security

Most businesses are more focused on increasing sales, reducing costs, and satisfying their clients’ need. All these priorities are valid. However, you are not going to achieve any of them if your data is compromised. If a cybercriminal gets hold of your data and asks for ransomware, you will lose so much. Remember that this data is critical for business continuity. Thus, you should take all measures to ensure that it is secure. Make your IT security a priority, and once you achieve that, everything else automatically falls into place.

Strengthening Access Protocols

Most organizations usually operate on multiple systems. Employees are always accessing these systems from time to time and from different locations. As such, there is a high possibility of applications being left and credentials being stolen. This means that there will be unauthorized access to these systems. Having security protocols is a good approach for protecting clients’ data. To add to that, it’s important to institute measures to safeguard user identity and system access. IT services providers in San Antonio come in handy when it comes to the standardization of connection processes and enhancing security.

Adopting the NIST Cyber Security Framework

In 2013, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) came up with a framework for security. This framework addresses controls at various areas of the business and communicates risks in simple terms. Companies should adopt it as it gives an outline on assessing risks. Security teams are then able to pick out the necessary controls.

The bottom line is to realize how important your data is to the continuity of your business. At ICS, we know how important it is to have your data protected. Our support team is available 24/7 to take care of your IT security issues and provide other IT services in San Antonio. Contact us now to learn more about IT security and ways to keep your data secure.