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IT services San AntonioSafer Internet Day, February 6th, is a day for businesses and IT services providers in San Antonio to assess internet security. It’s an event that is now observed in over 100 countries around the world. The first question that comes to mind is— how up-to-date is your security? If the answer is, “it’s been so long, we don’t remember”, then it’s time to look at steps to make your internet experience safer.

Avoid Exploring the Unknown

One of the primary tips that an IT services provider in San Antonio can give its clients is, try not to do too much of random surfing. While the Internet can be an excellent research tool, unfamiliar sites are where many malware problems originate. Just because a link shows up in Google Search doesn’t mean it’s safe to click. Some of the most notorious sites for spreading viruses are those that house illegal content.

Unknown applications can also be problematic. If the app isn’t available in a popular app store or website, be careful about downloading it. If you absolutely want the app, at least do some research by reading reviews about it. Sometimes, cybercriminals will offer a free game, coupon, or software that’s really full of bugs.

Clues for Spotting Suspicious Links

As sophisticated as hackers have become, many still give themselves away in how they present themselves. Here are signs of suspicious activity:

  • Email URL is slightly different than the brand it imitates
  • The sender asks you to enter your password on a login page
  • Links to deals that seem too good to be true


Additionally, you should be very wary of using public Wi-Fi for transmitting confidential information. Wi-fi “hotspots” can be havens for hackers to spy on unsuspecting users. If you’re going to make an online purchase, make sure the site uses SSL (Security Sockets Layer) encryption, which is essential for e-commerce sites. SSL sites begin with the protocol “https” instead of the older protocol “http”.

Other Security Tips

If your workplace allows employees to use their own mobile devices, be sure to set a security policy and use mobile device management (MDM) software. This solution allows you to control which devices have permission to access your network. It also allows you to lock and wipe a device if it’s lost or stolen. It’s imperative that employees know not to use simple or default passwords.

Partnering with an IT services provider in San Antonio that celebrates Safer Internet Day is a good sign they keep up with modern security solutions.  To learn more about how we can make your business network more secure.