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Security and reliability are crucial aspects of networking for any business. At ICS, we offer routers and network installation and support to ensure that your system is always ready to handle whatever you need. Every business’s needs are unique and we work closely with each client to implement the perfect networking solution.

Downtime can cost you a lot of money, so we offer both primary and backup internet services to ensure that if one network should go down your business can still carry on as usual. Redundancy in your service also offers increased efficiency and reliability. Backup services are available in DSL, 4G wireless, or almost any type of connectivity.

Network Security

In addition to a connection that you can count on, your network needs to be completely secure. This protects your company’s information and functions while also securing your clients’ data. Integrated routers improve available connectivity by integrating multiple network services into one platform. These can provide a virtual private network (VPN), firewalls, and other advanced security measures. For businesses in the healthcare, financial, legal, or other industries, protecting sensitive data can be absolutely critical, and we offer assurances to keep your network safe.

Why Choose ICS for Router Services?

Many business owners believe all routers are created equal, but that’s not the case. At ICS we’ve been selling and installing routers for over 27 years. We’ve seen every router currently available and tested them as well. Call our office and let us guide you in finding the right router for your business. You can feel confident knowing that when you deal with ICS, you’ll get the best service available at a price you can afford.

ICS offers only the best data infrastructure products and solutions available. Take a look at some of the Routers being offered below. If you would like more information or pricing on a product or solutions that meets the needs of your business, you can contact the ICS sales team at 1-281-819-5829.