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A business phone system is one of the most important tools in any company or organization. Reliable communication is a lifeline to maintain efficient operations and avoid costly complications. Whether your business is seeking to expand an existing phone system or install an entire new system, ICS is experienced in developing and implementing the right option for your unique needs, while ensuring our high quality of customer care.

Business Phone Systems for the Modern Workplace

The evolution of voice technology has lead to the creation of VoIP and hosted phone systems that allow for even more options and reliability than analog or digital phone systems of the past. With today’s technology, all the power and processing is in the cloud. You simply plug in phones at your office and they connect back to our secure data center. This will allow your organization to benefit from the Enterprise level features of a larger system at a more affordable price point.

At ICS, we pride ourselves on working closely with every client to ensure that their individual needs are fully met. Every company is different, and we want to work closely with you to review your current system, discuss what options may be available to you, and find a solution within your budget. If hosted does not work well for your company, ICS can provide on-site servers and system solutions to fit your needs. ICS will even allow you to start with an on-site system and later move it to the cloud or start with a cloud system and move it to your site if you are not satisfied with cloud services.

Benefits of Business Phone Systems

Business phone systems are no longer just telephones sitting on desks. Through Hybrid and VoIP technologies, your phones can become tools that will allow you to operate more effectively and efficiently, potentially reducing the overhead of your business. Take a look at a few of the main benefits of business phone systems being offered today:

  • Increased Mobility – In the past, business phone systems were stationary and stagnant, only allowing calls or voicemail alerts for employees sitting at a desk in an office. With business phone systems today, you can integrate your mobile device to receive calls and voicemail alerts, as well as to use many other system features, anywhere and everywhere that you need to be.
  • Functionality For Remote Workers – Business phone systems today allow your remote, at-home employees or remote sales staff to have access to all the features and benefits of the corporate office phone system infrastructure.
  • Cost Saving Applications – Utilize VoIP to reduce costs on long distance calls as well as office-to-office connections. This in turn can allow more employees to transition to remote positions.

How Does ICS Do It Better?

No matter the size of your business or your budget, ICS wants to assure you that you have choices. The newest technology is not always the best system, and you don’t necessarily have to throw away your current system to get something that serves you in a new way.

When you invite ICS into your business, the first thing we do is look at your actual needs. ICS has multiple products to offer that can be designed as a pure IP solution, a pure digital solution, a cloud solution, or as a hybrid mix. We’ll take one of these solutions and design a business phone system that meets the particular needs of your organization.

Through our many years of business, we’ve built relationships of trust with each of our clients. We accomplish this through upfront honesty, prompt communication, and solutions that are tailored to every unique need. We want to help you discover a new tool that can help your business grow and work with you through every step to ensure that it fulfills your needs.

What’s Next?

The first step in choosing a business phone system starts with calling a business communications consultant. Start off the right way by calling the friendly and knowledgeable staff at ICS. We have specialists standing by who are ready to assist you in making this crucial and important business decision. Contact us today for your individual consultation.