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As business technology continues to improve at impressive speeds, you may have heard of “the Cloud” and the many businesses that are using it. In fact, Cloud Hosting and technology involves many categories and applications. In the simplest form, Cloud Hosting is the storage of client data in a secure center that features redundant power, air conditioning, fire suppression, generators, UPS and security. These centers are also built to withstand natural disasters and in many cases have backup centers available. Cloud Hosting allows clients to enjoy the benefits of large scale IT security and redundancy at the fraction of the cost.

Cloud Solutions for All Business Needs

Cloud hosting can take on many different forms depending on the client’s need. Sometimes clients are accessing a Cloud Application which is an application hosted and maintained by another company. Most people refer to this as SaaS or Software as a Service. A great example of this is Microsoft 365 or SalesForce. ICS would refer to this as simply the “Cloud”.

Other clients prefer to have their own applications and load those applications on shared, high-powered servers managed by someone else in the cloud. This provides the company with seamless management of their applications but without the worries of updating or managing the hardware associated with those applications. This provides a high level of up-time with the pure flexibility of maintaining your own application. This is common practice for hosting websites and for people with very specific or client developed software. This is typically referred to as a “Hybrid Cloud.”

As another form of Hybrid Cloud, clients can own the servers and the application but just rent the rack space in the cloud. This is common for businesses that have very sensitive data and do not want their data on servers hosting other client’s information. This is also common in litigious industries due to subpoenas of information and possible seizure of hardware. This would also fall into the “Hybrid Cloud” category.

ICS provides solutions for voice and data in the true Cloud and Hybrid Cloud sectors, by moving clients to Microsoft 365, storing backups into our Datto Cloud, or by sampling managing client’s servers for them in their desired Colocation facility. ICS even has our own cloud application for Hosted VoIP phones. Clients no longer need an on-site server for their phone system. They simply deploy our IP phones and register them to our cloud server. ICS will manage the server and provide the dial tone for all inbound and outbound calling. This provides clients with higher end business applications at much lower costs.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting Technology

Cloud hosting offers a range of benefits over traditional hosting, such as:

  • Redundancy and Reliability
  • More Features and Applications at Lower Costs
  • Disaster Recovery and Avoidance
  • Less On-Site Hardware to Manage
  • Applications Stay Up to Date
  • Generally an Operational vs. Capital Expenditure
  • Increased Data Security

So, whether you are interested in SaaS, Hosted VoIP, or Disaster Planning and Backups, ICS has the right cloud hosting solution for your company. Just call ICS at 1-800-9ASKICS or contact us using our easy online form.